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Fastwheel is the New and Revolutionary Personal Mobility System.
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Fastwheel is a brand of electric unicycles that in their designs incorporate the latest technology applied to these vehicles; They are projected to facilitate rapid, practical and economical personal mobility with the clear objective of respecting the environment.

The innovative design of the electric unicycles, technical characteristics and quality of the materials used, convert these unicycle a benchmark that implement and optimize a process of continued improvement.

Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, does not take up space and are easy to carry, fits in home, office or any supplementary means of transport in commuting, they are also an excellent partner for leisure.

Driveability and studied ergonomics make driving a Fastwheel an unforgettable experience. The electric wheel is controlled based on changes in body position by varying the angle of the legs and feet. The electric unicycle goes forward, stop or even goes backward by leaning gently forward or backward. It is quite an experience drive an electric unicycle, the freedom sensations that provides by having the hands free and the ease of movement to any direction..

All electric unicycles Fastwheel have been built according to CE standards and the strictest European Quality Controls.

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