Fastwheel Europe, Distributor of electric unicycles in Europe attended the fifth edition of Expoelectric the last 17 and 18 of October at Arc de Triumph in Barcelona.

With an influx of public of some 15,000 people and the participation of forty exhibitors, the fair has been a success, so as a participating company we congratulate the organization and all who have made possible this event.

The purpose of the fair since its inception has been of introducing the electric mobility solutions to people by explaining the benefits that it represents for the society.

Fastwheel Europe Team put at Expoelectric some units to let the visitors of the event tried it.

FASTWHEEL Electric unicycles with the latest technology and beautiful design got the attention of the visitors and received lots of requests for testing it. At the same time visitors asked all sorts of explanations about unicycle technology and also the advantages of Fastwheel Versus the other unicycle brands to our specialized staff.

EVA Classic and EVA Pro Plus electric wheels have been the most sought generating requests ranging from rental companies to individuals, these self balancing electric unicycles deserve particularized analysis as for its technical characteristics and price are in an extremely competitive position.

EVA CLASSIC electric unicycle has a battery of 132 Wh which allows a range of about 10 km in optimal conditions with a 60 Kg and a tour of medium difficulty. This model drew attention for its price since for many visitors the price factor is important.

EVA Pro Plus electric wheel equipped with a battery of 312 Wh has a range of 30 km always in top condition on a tour of medium difficulty and a driver weight of 60 kg, this model is our preferred model because it is not expensive and it can reach 30 km long with ease

The test self balancing electric unicycle was EVA Pro with a battery of 264 Wh and a range of 25 km.

Anyway it is necessary to review the test pattern has been the delight of all who have gone regardless of age resulting in a lot of reservations because of the excellent value for money.

The technology of electric mobility poses a major change that will surely favor in the future an extraordinary growth in the sector, useful and affordable for everyone.

Fastwheel Europe Team we are convinced that the contribution in R & D each and every one of the components of the sector, the administration and the need to preserve the environment, will enable an appropriate increase in public awareness about this type of mobility.