0 km/h
Maximum Speed
0 Km
Maximum Slope
0 Min
Recharge Time
Technical FeaturesFastwheel EVA ClassicFastwheel EVA LifeFastwheel EVA Pro
Maximum Speed18 km/h ( 12 Mph )(Modificable con App)
Autonomy12 – 15 km (9 Miles)20 – 25 km (15 Miles)25 – 30 km (19 Miles)
Maximum Weight120 kg
Power (Peak)450W (1300W)
Maximum Slope18º
Lithium Battery132 Ah Samsung Cells170 Ah Samsung Cells264 Ah Samsung Cells
Operating SystemFastwheel OS 1.0 (Firmware Upgradable)
Operating temperature-10 – 40º C
Charging VoltageAC 220V 50~60Hz
Recharge Time60 minutes90 minutes120 minutes
Dimensions33,4cm * 47,4cm * 16,5cm
Weight with Battery8,8 kg9,0 kg9,5 kg
Wheel SizeΦ304.8 mm (12 inches)
Distance from the pedal to the floor102 mm
Screen16 mm * 16 mm
Optional AccessoriesTraining wheels and Strap
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Fastwheel EVA Series

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Overspeed Protection

The top speed is limited to 18 km / h to prevent accidents caused by speeding. When the speed limit is reached, Fastwheel adjusts the center of gravity to reduce the speed at the same time will make acoustic warnings until the speed is readjusted. The maximum speed and the angle of Fastwheel can be modified using the application system developed for Android and Iphone mobiles.

Lateral Tilting Protection

When Fastwheel detects a lateral tilting greater than 45º, the CPU will switch on the protection system consisting on stop the engine immediately to avoid injuries. Instantly the rear display will indicate with a cross and will emit an intermittent beep to report that protection is enabled. The protection automatically turns off when the electric unicycle recover the right up position.

Lift Off Protection

When the Fastwheel electric unicycle, do not touch the ground the system tries to find the equilibrium position accelerating to maximum speed of the wheel and then automatically turnos on the protection. Immediately after the engine is turned off and the display shows a cross of red color and emits an audible warning. To switch off the protection please press one time the on off button.

Low Battery Protection

The battery level is displayed on the rear screen anytime when the unicycle is switched on but not moving. When the battery is at around 10% the display will show a battery uncharged while will emit an acoustic sound and will stop smoothly the unicycle down to zero. In this moment, please, stop driving for your safety and recharge it.