Fastwheel is a brand of electric unicycles that in their designs incorporate the latest technology applied to these vehicles; They are projected to facilitate rapid, practical and economical personal mobility with the clear objective of respecting the environment.

The innovative design of the electric unicycles, technical characteristics and quality of the materials used,convert these unicycle a benchmark that implement and optimize a process of continued improvement.

Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, does not take up space and are easy to carry, fits in home, office or any supplementary means of transport in commuting, they are also an excellent partner for leisure.

Driveability and studied ergonomics make driving a Fastwheel an unforgettable experience. The electricwheel is controlled based on changes in body position by varying the angle of the legs and feet. The electric unicycle goes forward, stop or even goes backward by leaning gently forward or backward. It is quite an experience drive an electric unicycle, the freedom sensations that provides by having the hands free and the ease of movement to any direction.

All electric unicycles Fastwheel have been built according to CE standards and the strictest European Quality Controls.


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Please before use the self balancing electric unicycle read carefully the user manual.




Application to install on systems IOS (Iphones o Ipads).


Application to install on systems Android.


To start learning using electric unicycle, ensure equipped with comfortable sportswear and sneakers. It is also advisable to wear a helmet, gloves, knee and ankle. Find a wide area with no obstacles and the ground as flat and smooth as possible.

Learning Tips.

1. Place the electric unicycle in upright position on the floor and press the red button to switch it on.
2. Open the pedals.
3. Place one foot on the center of the pedal and turn the leg slightly to press on the frame of the electric unicycle gently with his leg.
4. Release the unicycle and try to stay with the foot supported naturally looking forward and holding the electric unicycle with the training belt for learning. Change your body weight to the leg that has the foot on the floor and try to achieve the lateral balance.
5. Hold this position and try to shift your body weight slowly towards the leg on the pedal so that you can raise the foot is resting on the ground, trying to keep his balance momentarily.
6. Please keep practicing the above steps until you are sure to continue. The auxiliary wheels will facilitate learning.
7. After being able to run on the training wheels smoothly, dismount them and start learning without training wheels, relax your legs for better balance.
8. Try to move in a straight line gradually increasing the distance. Notice that need small corrections (S) to maintain lateral balance.
9. Once you know driving straight ahead try to change direction to change body weight slightly moving his torso in the desired direction.

Training Belt is highly recommended for beginners and reduces the risk of falls.
1. Users under age 18 who are under adult supervision is advised.
2. Be sure to check the air pressure in the tires is correct before driving.
3. Please, Control the speed and avoid unnecessary risks.
4. Please, all movements to control the electric unicycle are smooth and progressive, try to avoid sudden movements.


The methods of payment accepted are: Bank Transfer, Credit card or Debit, Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) and or Consult financing possibilities.
Once payment is confirmed it will proceed with the shipment with selected transportation.
Deliveries within the UK and Europe will take up to 7 days, and deliveries worldwide up to 2 weeks.
We inform with the tracking information when the item is received from transportation company.
We ship orders WorldWide.
Contact us to set up an order.
All fastwheel products have a standard warranty offered under European law (the battery has 5 months warranty.)
The fastwheel devices we sell is tested previously of shipping to the customers.
The warranty only covers a manufacturing defect, not a fault caused by misuse or unsealing or disassembly of the hardware equipment by cusomter or retailer shop. .
Once receive the product the customer must check the order and if there is any manufacturing defect or transportation problem advice as soon better using the contact form from the link below.
Fastwheel not accept returns if the product is not presented in perfect condition. Fastwheel guarantees your money back if not satisfied with your purchase, provided that the products have not been opened or tampered with or used. No exchanges, returns or past claims 14 calendar days from receipt of the product allowed.
Return policy:
The User may return any item purchased through the portal and when always be for the following reasons:
-. The Article 102 of Law 3/2014 of March 27 gives the customer the right to return the order requested within 14 days of receipt, after notifying Fastwheel within that period, with refund of price that would have paid for it.
– You can always return the item purchased and where the products have not been opened or used and retain their seal or original packaging. Returns will not be accepted if the product is not sent in perfect condition with its original packaging and unused.
– Must be returned in full order, with all original accessories and packaging products. The product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. The customer must meet the direct cost of returning (transport and shipping management and return).
– Under the law returns of items that have been unsealed, except in cases of defective merchandise will not be accepted.
– If the product is defective, in these fourteen days, the customer can also opt for replacement.
– Repayment by defects produced in transport or shipping error.
– If the shipment is between different countries, the customer will pay all transportation costs.
– The return must be made within a maximum of 15 days(including transportation) from the notification, and insuring the product.

If the return occurs this period has elapsed, or the item has been used, is damaged or does not have its original wrapper Fastwheel can not accept your return and you will not be entitled to a refund. Returns only accepted if these garments retain their complete original labeling and this has not been detached.

Both return costs and customs charges and local taxes are the responsibility of the customer. If the return costs are greater than the value of the return merchandise will be charged the remaining balance in the same way as the original payment.

Returns for defects or manufacturing defects:
In case of manufacturing defect, you can always return the item purchased and when not been used and keep the original packaging. Returns will not be accepted if the product is not submitted with its original packaging and unused.

In addition, it must be returned in full order, with all original accessories and packaging products. Received the product, Fastwheel will examine you and will tell you if you are entitled to replacement. There shall be no refund for those products that are not in the same condition in which you received, or have been worn beyond simply opening the product. The refund or replacement item shall be made as soon as possible and in any event within 30 days after the date on which we send you an email confirming that comes the return or replacement of nonconforming item.

If at the time of delivery is visible and clear, without having to manipulate the packaging shipping or own the product, an error in the goods received, the Customer must indicate on the delivery note and inform Fastwheel by email to the or address in the tel. Customer 902,955,409, over the course of receipt of order to encourage the return of the affected product 24 hours and thereby replacing the product actually purchased.

Manufacturing defects that are only noticeable after unpacking the product must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the order in the manner indicated above, indicating the order number, the damage caused to the product and urging the return of the product affected and replacing it with a new one or refund the price paid for it.

In case the returned product was exhausted, the customer may choose to exchange it for another of similar price and quality, or request a refund of the price paid for it.

In these cases, Fastwheel refund the purchase, within 30 days from receipt of the communication of the user requesting the return. This will be done through a bank transfer to the account specified by the user.

For any incident related to the return of items in our store should be addressed to Fastwheel by e-mail, sent a message to or tel. Customer 902,955,409.
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In case of return the customer must send an email to the following details:
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Before sending the product: The order can be canceled before shipment with associated costs:
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-25% Of the product (with tax)
-all transport costs (round trip)
-Insurance transport
-expenses storage and customs
-Administration fees
-expenses bank or similar
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The self balancing electric unicycle is a revolutionary new electric personal mobility device. His movement is based on what we might call Dynamic Stabilization System. Rebalance stabilization sensors in real time (1024 times per second) the center of gravity of the electric unicycle. When the person leans forward, the self balancing electric unicycle moves forward with more or less force depending on your power. Likewise when the person leans backward, the electric unicycle smoothly moves backward. By having a single wheel the person has to control lateral balance.
The maximum speed is limited to 18 km / h for safety. Depending on the model the maximum speed can be changed with the application of mobile phone via bluetooth (Android or Apple).
The products have a range of 12 to 35 km depending on the model.
Autonomy depends on the weight of the person, the type of route and environmental conditions. It has regenerative brakes, so the battery is charged during the descents and / or braking.
Uses Samsung lithium ion batteries. The battery capacity ranging from 128Wh (15 km or 9 Miles) to 312Wh (30-35 km or 22 Miles) depending on model selected.
A larger battery capacity means greater autonomy.
Yes, all products are CE certified.
In principle there is no minimum age set, but it is advised that children under 18 are supervised by an adult.
The company is not liable for personal injury or others that the equipment may cause.
The maximum weight load on Fastwheel EVA is 120 kg.
As with any other transportation device, you must use and dispose of appropriate safety precautions depending on what is available to perform. It is advisable to use shoes with good grip, always drive at a speed that is safe for you and those around you. Please refer to the manual for additional information.
The self balancing electric unicycle are very easy to manage and can run on any type of terrain provided that no loss of traction.
So slippery surfaces or loose sand, it is not possible due to lose of traction because the system depends on it to be able to rebalance.
So this kind of surfaces should be avoided
People are enjoying it to go to work, to go around the city, the university, the golf courses, in malls, airports, parks, etc.
We have available all the spare parts of the self balancing electric unicycle such as the outside plastic covers, light, motor, battery, chargers, etc.
All our self balancing electric unicycles have been specially designed to minimize any damage to both parties, the person who circulates, and third parties, if it is used properly. At the same time, the level of user experience and a good understanding of its operation can avoid injury by loss of control device or contingencies that may arise.

FastWheel additionally ensures safety by the following safety passive measures:

– OverSpeed Protection.

– Later Tilting Protection.

– Lift Up Protection.

– Low Battery Protection.


Store the Self Balancing Electric unicycle in a dry place and not exposed to the hot areas or direct to the sun.
For non-regular user, recharge the battery every month to maintain and extend the battery life.
Use the Extension connector for Inflating the wheel.
Before do anything contact Fastwheel to follow maintainace advise properly.

To repair or replace the tire open a side cover. Unscrew the screws on the sides, the screws in the middle, and then open the case. Take special care with connection cables.

Note: Do not open the side cover when the unit is switched on.

Warranty: Any malfunction or damage caused by opening the appliance will not be covered under warranty.

The battery capacity is closely related to the ambient temperature, driver’s weight, driving way discharge capacity of the lithium battery. Test conditions: ambient temperature: 30 ℃; the person’s weight: 60 kg; test site: indoor stadium, constant speed of 8 km / h. Test result: Test ends to reach 10% of the battery capacity.