“Even if your brand is mentioned just once by Oprah in her magazine, you will forever be known as the biscuits that Oprah loves. Isn’t that the kind of thing we’re all aiming for?”

Your business will have a good wine product or a glossy note on local paper. What you do next can make all the difference.

Public relations is part of any marketing and communication product strategy, but being mentioned in a magazine, blog, TV site, social media post or newspaper is part of a marketing mix. The real magic brands are about how to use the press or wine compliments after the truth. Enhancing this “social verification” will help your brand grow credibility, reach new audiences and ultimately sell more of your product or service.

What is social security?

The term social affirmation was first mentioned about 40 years ago in his book, The Influence of Psychology, by author Robert Cialdini. (The book has since been revised.) The idea is that people want to imitate the behavior of others.

This is why verbal marketing is so powerful: most people instinctively believe in others in their community and want a clue as to how to act.

In the marketplace, social security comes in many forms:

  • Oral, share a link to your favorite products as a friend or influencer.
  • Review peer reviews, testimonials or websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.
  • Wine compliments, like 90-plus points, win a gold medal from a wine lover or Sonoma County harvest show.
  • Post references in magazines, TV, magazines, or blogs.

Social security is not just about your brand – it can be about the growth of your category or the trends in your industry (see trade journals in your industry for statistics).

These signs – like a 95-point mark on a Zincfendel bottle – are like the product of others (and sometimes these “others” are more knowledgeable and more faithful to the subject), so the questioner may like the consumer, as well.

Here’s how important social validation is:

  • According to BizRate Insights, 91% of US consumers need online reviews before making a purchase.
  • More than 80% of Americans seek advice from friends and family when making any purchase, says Business 2 Community.

When customers want to invest their money in a new restaurant or bar, social verification helps them decide which brand will win.

How to incorporate social verification into your marketing

Here are some places where businesses can add their latest news, testimonials or compliments.

  1. Create a “Identified” section on the homepage Your website (see RandallTheBlueSpider.com for example). You can create links or simply add logos to highlighted areas.
  2. Add some Acknowledgments or certificates for the main product page of your website. Also place them on any related individual product page (see 2018 Pellegrini Zinfandel AV) PellegriniSonoma.com/Wines/Wine As an example).
  3. Add new quotes to your business / press page. For a few more ideas on the press page, see the Digital Marketing column:6 keys to get more brand coverage for your brand. ”
  4. Include links and logos in the email blast Create a separate email to send to your customer base and to your sales accounts and sellers. The first is to make customers feel good about buying your products, and the second is to encourage sellers to buy your products on their shelves.
  5. Create an email subject line with interesting statistics or quotes From the press for people to open it. “Our crackers are one of Oprah’s favorites – find out why!” (BigBottomMarket.com)
  6. Create shelves and speakers by reference Use them to sell your products to retailers.
  7. Share one or two sentences from testimony On your social media pages. Create a quote image to share on Instagram and Twitter and share the link to the article on Facebook.
  8. Create Digital advertisements mentioning the latest wine production And redirect people to your website, or share the mentioned image to your product / service link.
  9. Show physical rewards In your brick-and-mortar shop. Take photos of them and share them on social media.
  10. Add all the great press releases and awards to your sales papers So your sales team can use social verification to get your product into more stores, restaurants, etc.

Robert Larson, a communications expert and owner of The Larsen Projekt (TheLarsenProjekt.com), hospitality public relations and fiction agency, worked for 90 years with the dry Creek Valley wine makers Pedronseli Wine Factory.

He agrees that social security can be one of the best tools for a sales team: “Share the good news with your sales team. Encourage them to use the good press to finally tell sales to tell your company’s unique story. A good review or press release indicates that market influencers support the brand. They and the publication are national and regional, verifying the media as needed when necessary.

“Pedrocele Wine Factory does a great job of distributing its achievements at all levels. In 2017, we worked together to celebrate their 90th anniversary and, under my direction, work hard to get great press coverage. Brokers, distributors and tasting staff have confirmed that they are impressed.

11. Create a physical card with a gift code Includes testimonials or compliments and lets your best customers share with their friends / family.

12. Write a blog post about social verification And redirect customers to your website (as opposed to sharing a link that does not exist on your website via social media).

13. Create an Instagram landing page (shanabull.com/hello-from-instagram) or Linktree Link or acknowledge a recent report about your business Under your products link.

14. Use the best compliments in your SEO strategy, As did Gerneville’s largest lower market.

15. Create A press release describing achievements, awards and other press releases. Prizes can be news, especially if you are one of Oprah’s favorites (sonomamag.com/big-bottom-biscuits-in-guerneville).

If you haven’t started using social media, go back and look at some of the press releases you’ve had in the past and see how you can incorporate them into your digital marketing efforts to move forward.

And remember to share again and again and again. Getting a press release, testimony or recognition is a big deal and you should be proud and share some time. Even though your brand is mentioned only once in Oprah’s magazine, you will be known for your favorite biscuits forever. Isn’t that what we all want?