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In this eCommerce Tech-Talk webinar, Emerald David Doft, Head of Finance, and Joan Whitley, SVP, Marketing and Digital Operations, speak with Salesforce’s Neha Shah, Director, Product Marketing. Together, they will help you start planning for 2022 by breaking down key findings from the 7th edition of Salesforce State Marketing Report and discuss B2B picks — in less than a year.

Join us and find out how to collect-

  • Gather the right data to better understand your customers
  • Accelerate your digital transformation and collaboration in the digital-first world
  • Rehearse your team to keep track of the speed and pace of the creation


David Doff He is the chief financial officer of Emerald. In January 2020, David joined Emerald as chief financial officer of MDC Partners for 12 years, overseeing the agency’s operations, financial reporting and compliance, corporate finance, treasury and company investment. David is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania at Warton School.

Joan Whitley SVP, marketing and digital operations on Emerald. In her role, Joan directs the company’s database management, analysis and research. Joan has over 30 years of experience overseeing the marketing and related activities of publications, events, digital products and websites, including 10 years leading the Emerald Marketing audience.

Neha Shah He is the Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce. In her role, Neha drives Salesforce’s B2B marketing presentations and solutions. She has a strong background in technology and business, and has a proven track record of bringing solutions to accelerate the growth of SAS companies. Neha loves to use information-based techniques to drive greater customer engagement.


Marisa Koslov He is Vice President of Business Development at eMarketer. She is an experienced sales and accounting executive, with proven sales experience at the enterprise level and is one of the world’s largest and most reputable brands, agencies and advertising technology companies.