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A.D. Does anyone else wonder if it is November 2021? Yesterday, January 1, I was able to swear and we made a small mistake in all the options for the New Year. And here we are going for the biggest sales weeks of the year for most entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Ideally you could have time to prepare for your holiday campaigns and promotions this summer but if you are like most single owners and small business owners, I guess the time has come your way and I hope June and July will be around. With your kids and their endless breakfast questions (just me?)

Below you will find 5 tips to help you get started on the holiday season (and plan your marketing and promotion plans in the afternoon), and a quick holiday marketing plan.

# 1 ፡ Let last year’s guide be your guide (and stop trying to constantly refresh the wheel)

Unless you are new to entrepreneurship, I bet you tried to promote your products and offers last November and December. Instead of starting from scratch on your 2021 plans, it is important to take the time to review the offers and products you offered last November and December.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Which of your offers, promotions and / or product launches worked best?
  • What potential did they have but did they have to adjust to greater impact?
  • Are you sure you don’t want to repeat this holiday season (because your audience is not interested or they are hurting / not useful to you)?

Note that interest went well and what it didn’t do, you confidently chose the right Black Friday offer.

# 2 ፡ Don’t rely on offers alone, choose at least 2 sales methods to create an emergency (and increase sales).

It is easy to assume that the only thing that will drive traffic and sales on Black Friday is deep discounts, but it is easy to assume that you will get much better results if you take the time to plan things right and prepare your audience. Don’t just rely on sales methods and offers.

Other sales methods include:

  • Adding time-saving deals with a discount or on their own (ie, a 48-hour pre-order product) is an easy way to encourage people to grab and take their credit cards. buy now.
  • Restricted stock This is a great thing to do when it is low on a very good selling product (or “OK, even one that sells – increasing the urgency by notifying customers of your departure” can be changed to “so”). Course sellers are also great. For example, you can limit it to X-seats by holding a workshop to keep the group close and people jumping quickly to take a seat.
  • Special Bonuses If you sell both physical and digital products, a free product or special bonus for the first X customers or all consumers who buy in the next 24 hours is to build happiness and urgency without any other discount.

# 3: Keep it simple

Now is not the time to start over completely. And it’s not the time to pick a complicated promotion that requires a lot of landing pages and a lot of scotch tape. Instead, copy the graphics, emails, and social media posts that worked well during previous sales.

What can you reuse or edit a bit to help collect marketing assets without starting from scratch? That summer sales graphics with the great CTR – now is the right time to add some Black Friday bursts and reuse them on all your key forums and sales emails.

# 4 ፡ Use tools like Canva to quickly convert a graphic into images for all your channels and emails

If you haven’t jumped on the Canva bandwagon, this is definitely the time to try out a great (and user-friendly) graphic design tool. Quickly change that deadly summer posting on Instagram with a device like Canva to match all your social channels and black Friday emails – without hiring an expensive designer.

When you run out of time, reuse and reuse are the key to quickly shaping a killer marketing plan.

# 5 ፡ Check your inventory (or technology configuration) three times

You have all these great plans to crush Black Friday but don’t forget to double check your item and get delivery orders immediately if something goes wrong.

This late delivery delay, waiting until the last minute endangers unhappy customers and very late Christmas orders.

Do you sell digital products and courses? When your customers are shopping, ask, “Help, where is it?” Make sure you triple the technology available so you can easily access their new purchases without worrying. Emails.

And an equally important bonus tip:

Take time to enjoy the race. This may mean canceling the holidays in advance. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.

Or you may have to arrange for a Christmas break more than usual so you don’t have to worry about your packages arriving on time or not working.

Yes this season can lead to higher sales numbers but it is the magical time of the year and you should enjoy it as your customers do. So prioritize your happiness and don’t forget to breathe!