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Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Covenant-19 epidemic. Digital change Plans and future investments in advanced technologies. Old business models are no longer working and new business models are being created.

According to BDO’s 2021 Digital Transformation Survey, “After last year’s events, almost every company had to be a technology company to survive. The pressure is still there. ” Shaping the journey of digital transformation. “Critical industries and processes are considered not only for the recovery of tech companies but also for growth.”

But digital change means different things to different businesses. A clear vision of what the enormous technological transition that will take place in all operations will determine the level of success. And fast, highly competitive digital universe, There is a small margin for error..

“The number one mistake we see when customers make a clear and unequivocal statement of where they want to go. What do they want to achieve and how do they measure it?” Interview with Joave Boaz, Head of Product Management at ServiceNow. “Next, the second [mistake] There is a lack of executive support. … By definition, digital transformation goes through different business cells, and ብቸኛው The only way to reach your goals is to sponsor an executive. But that is exactly where we see companies falling.

In this video, Boaz and Polly discuss evolution and revolutionary trade. As well as the seven steps of Service Now to a Successful digital transformation journey, Identify business results, establish key performance indicators, measure the company’s process maturity, monitor progress and re-evaluate desired goals.


Sabrina and Pollen I am Sabrina Polly with Tetragrammaton, and I will talk to Served Now Joave Boaz about the basics of digital transformation and how it happens. To learn more about Digital Transformation within the organization, click on the link above or in the description below. Digital transformation has become a universal term for the various things companies do to improve their business. These efforts range from digital paper files to complex business processes. Yoav, How do you define digital transformation? Who is responsible for this? Who is in charge?

Yoav Boaz Pages- Thank you so much Sabrina I say we have very few misconceptions here. First, I want to differentiate the concept of digital transformation from technological change, because we see many customers confused between the two. Technology transfer, and we will talk more about the role of technology and digital transformation, is a stimulus for digital transformation.

When it comes to digital transformation, there are two main types of transformation that we see with our clients. One, we call it evolution – they simply adapt their existing business model and existing business process to technology. And here are some examples. Another revolutionary approach is to learn how to disrupt your business model and see your business as completely different. And I will give you an example. And I’m sure Sabrina – at least in my family, in the last year and a half she went to the doctor or tried to go to the doctor with the children. So evolutionary approach, I can make an appointment with my doctor, I can cancel the appointment, everything [done on] The web. This may vary by evolution. And this is what we did with the kids and so on. But when the epidemic hit and it was the highest, we moved on to a revolutionary approach. The revolution revolved around tele health. Literally, we had an appointment with the doctor at Zoom. So the doctor asked us to take pictures and videos of the various wounds or scratches the children had, so they could see what was happening and prescribe medication for the children. So that’s it – I call it one step in the revolution.

Step 2: We know that healthcare companies can be more active today. Think from a distance, for example, to find out if you need treatment by measuring your blood glucose level. So today, there are more active technologies available today, and healthcare providers will contact you and say, “Hey, there is a problem, or you are going to have a problem.” So these are the two differences between evolution and revolutionary approach.

Poly And Joave noted that businesses need to change their business models. Where does digital transformation begin? What advice do companies offer to start digital transformation?

Boaz dies- By no means. So, at ServiceNow, we have identified a seven-step process for getting you digital on your digital transformation journey. First of all, and this is what we see a lot, the failures of identifying the desired business results. You know, as it is written Alice in WonderlandIf you do not know where you are going, no road will take you there. But what do you really want? Why try digital transformation? And we see that there are many different reasons why many customers do this.

Second, map and measure your KPIs to the service and processes. So, if you have a target that you want to achieve, you must always measure it to see if you are moving in the right direction. The third step is to measure your maturity in different processes, because not all businesses and perspectives in your organization have the same level of maturity. You can quickly identify and evaluate, and that’s kind of the fourth chapter. Where do you want to invest first or where do you want to invest more? The fifth step is around tips. How do you prioritize your strategic priorities? And where do you need to do it? The second is around monitoring. So how do you get a system that helps you keep track of your progress? And this final stage is all about performance, measurement and evaluation. Whether you are reviewing that and pursuing the desired goal at the beginning. We have seen that. And we will talk about failures next, but this is a prescription to follow.

Poly But what are some common challenges and approaches when companies try and start their digital transformation process? How can you avoid those traps or navigate through them?

Boaz dies- for sure. The number one mistake our customers make is not clearly identifying where they want to go. What do you want to get and how do you measure? Companies say, ‘I want to bring products to market faster, I want to improve my customer satisfaction, my NPS score.’

So there are different ways or reasons why you are doing it. So if you do not describe it correctly and you do not let everyone know that this is the place you want to go, you are doomed to failure. I say this is the first reason. The second is the lack of executive support. By definition, digital transformation is moving across different business cells, and the only way to do that is to sponsor an executive. And we talk about who is the right person to drive. But that is exactly where we see companies falling.

And the third is thinking, it is awareness, especially with people. If you do not train enough people and make sure they are with you, or if they are all with you on that trip, people may think, ‘They want to automate my work,’ or they may misunderstand. My work is getting tired ‘and others. That is not the case. As we have seen, all these digital changes improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. And that, in turn, helps the company grow and employ more employees.