• Dashboard allows operators to understand performance in relation to other operators
  • Data is aggregated, aggregated and unrecognizable so that individual operator information is anonymous.

Dubai – Dubai Air ShowGE announces Fuel Insight Benchmarking program to help digital operators increase fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Current Oil Insight customers average half a ton of CO. You can save.2 By flight.

Part of the Oil Insight Digital suite, which includes essential oil and gas pipeline software packages, the reference uses proprietary analysis algorithms to monitor fuel efficiency and provides data-based insights to identify and implement sustainable fuel-saving initiatives. Fuel Insight will help airlines maximize fuel efficiency and sustainability by supporting efforts around initiatives that offer the highest possible savings. Using industry standards and advanced analytics, software opens up opportunities for efficiency, and operators identify ways to quickly and accurately monitor the adoption process in their ships.

The Oil Insight Benchmarking Program provides select entry dashboards to help operators understand how their performance compares to other operators. Initially, the program is focused on common fuel-saving processes, such as single-engine taxi and idle counter-pressure.

Data is combined, summarized, and separated using strategies designed to prevent an individual operator’s information from being compromised. The information is available to all customers who choose to use it as a dashboard, and GE Digital adds more information as it adds additional airlines to this program. With this information, airlines will be able to understand their work in relation to their industry peers so that they can know what is best in the classroom around the world. This program allows for immediate impact on the sustainability of the airline’s fuel efficiency programs today.

“Reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions is a critical KPI for operators around the world and we are in a unique position to help immediately,” said Andrew Coleman, CEO of GE Digital Aviation Software. “This benchmarking program will help airlines reduce fuel consumption and increase fuel prices, all of which will lower our industry CO.2 Fingerprint. We are committed to helping our clients meet and sustain their long-term goals.

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