Thirdware Solution in Livonia, an IT consultancy, has partnered with London-based Telit, an Internet of Things enabler. // Stock Photo

In Livonia, he shared a third-party solution with IT, an IT consultant in Telit, London. // Stock photo

Thirdware Solution Inc., based in Livonia, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions. It has partnered with Telete, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a machine-to-machine communication company in London to enable businesses to bring new digital offerings faster. Increase marketing and engagement.

IoT refers to a network of objects, including sensors, software, and other technologies, such as connected devices and smart home security systems designed to communicate between devices.

TeleTIWIWIIT Platform is an enterprise-level industrial automation platform that connects complex production equipment to different protocols from different suppliers and integrates data from enterprise systems and applications without a custom program.

The platform offers extensive machine and sensor connectivity, edge logic, data viewing, IT / OT integration, database integration, IT systems integration, cloud integration, digital twin, device management, connection management and more.

“Teleit brings loyalty and in-depth knowledge in building and delivering a comprehensive information IoT platform that allows customers to focus on building applications,” said Bhavesh Shah, CEO of third-party software.

“With 26 years of third-party experience, we have the ability to successfully implement business technology solutions globally and provide world-class IOT solutions for game changers for our customers. We look forward to this relationship and the deep and positive impact it will have on our customers.”

Thirdware and Telit have partnered with large and small companies to accelerate IoT initiatives and speed up the delivery of projects. Third-party software expands its global reach with partnerships.

Ricito Buranelo, Head of Teleit IoT Forums, said: “Telit and Third Ware have a big role to play in the automotive industry, which is undergoing significant changes due to the growth of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles. “We expect the automotive manufacturing process and shop floor to change dramatically to accommodate these shifts, thereby increasing automation and data requirements.”

Since 1995, Thirdware has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the design, implementation and support of enterprise applications. Ford Motor Company became a strategic investor in 2001, which allowed the company to grow in the automotive industry.

The IT consultant specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Enterprise Input Planning, Enterprise Performance Management and Robot Process Automation. The company has successfully completed more than 1,500 projects in the automotive, healthcare and financial services industries.

“Teleit has been meeting the IT needs of factories for more than 20 years, providing their customers with the information they need to make informed decisions,” Buranelo said. “We are thrilled to be working with third-party software;