Bolo Live, a social media platform, has announced the appointment of Abi Singh Kumpawat as Vice President. Leads to direct digital, product and product marketing for Bolo.

He moved from Metron TV, which was in charge of development and marketing.

“In real-time, relevant conversations drive driving business value between content creators and their supporters has never been more challenging with the complexity and size of modern marketing channels,” said Kumpawat. Exciting market opportunities in the integration of live streaming, micro marketing and gaming are a huge combination of address marketing, profitable business model, founders’ vision and the quality of young talent in the team at Bolo Live. I look forward to seizing this opportunity and making great strides on Bolo Live as we build the largest democratization platform for content creators.

“As we pursue big ambitions, it is key to ensure that the company’s growth and marketing strategies keep pace with the evolving business. He is a visionary and can build a strategic team to deliver a vision on Bolo Live.Abhay is an all-purpose entrepreneur and we anticipate that the team and its brand will grow under his leadership. We see popular hiring announcements.

“Abhay’s appointment is another testament to our commitment and leadership in the industry,” said Tanmai Paul, co-founder and CPO Bolo Live. As we continue our journey of change, we are ready for unparalleled growth and innovation. We are confident that Abhay’s vision and in-depth understanding of consumer Internet marketing will increase the percentage of energy users on the platform.

With a few creative work, Kumpawat has spent a lot of time in Youquote and Orient Paper.