No7 launches a virtual base matching solution using big data and AI and AR technology to provide personalized base area and shadow match.

London, November 08, 2021– (Business wirePerfect Corporation Leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Reality (AR) Beauty and Fashion Technology Solutions Partnership with No. 7 UK Skin Care Brand * to launch the first ever virtual experimental foundation matching test solution with the perfect Corporation AI Foundation Shader Technology.

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Absolute Corporation with No7 to launch AI-powered personalized foundation shade finder and analytics tool

Bringing revolutionary experiences to No7 customers at the Private Foundation and Shade Match Beauty Tech

No. 7 Personalized Foundation Analysis can be used on mobile or tablet at and The experience begins with an algorithm-based query that examines customers’ personal skin needs, foundation preferences, coverage and finishes, and lifestyle factors that may affect the skin. No7’s Skin Expert ™ technology, developed by Perfect Corp.’s AI Foundation Shade Finder, then examines skin color in 90,000 different samples with 10 million samples in real time.

No. 7 Personalized Foundation Analysis uses appropriate ambient light adjustments and guidelines to analyze and capture the most appropriate image for skin tone. Once customers are paired with their best established range and shade, they can immediately try their match and experiment with shade options. The front and back slider allows you to compare shadows with the client’s natural skin color with direct camera viewing. It also provides information about the synchronized base area and offers personalized matches on other facial products, including powders, concealers, primers and patches.

Perfect Corporation AI Foundation Shade Finder Technology takes personal beauty to the next level. The solution provides state-of-the-art machine learning technology and allows beauty brands to match each client with the right foundation shade.

AI and AR technologies Enhancing Digital Transformation in the Beauty Industry

Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corporation, said: “AI and AR technology is becoming an integral part of the beauty brand’s digital transformation strategy. They are happy.

“By No7, we are responding to the ever-increasing demand for personalization and digital beauty as a result of the global epidemic,” said Kiran Sandu, Global Innovation Manager at No7. “Through quality consumer research, we found that only one-half of the picture for Foundation users found the right shade. Finding the right range that works with individual skin goals and concerns is another. No7 Personalized Foundation Analysis, supported by Perfect Corp Expert Technology, combines skin and color analysis. Provides personalized recommendations This analysis not only gives customers the right foundation shade, but also provides the right foundation based on the customer’s unique skin needs. We have tested a personal foundation analysis.

About Perfect Corp.
With over 950 million downloads worldwide, Perfect Corporation is committed to changing the way consumers, content creators and beauty brands connect with AI and AR technologies. Our experienced engineers and beauty lovers are pushing the boundaries of technology to create the future of beauty – a fluid environment where individuals can express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty and quickly access products from their favorite brands. . Read our to gain insights into professional beauty technology and unlock powerful ROI secrets Beauty Tech Full Guide.

About No. 7
Since 1935, No7 has been creating a beauty story by helping women look and feel better every day. With our rich health and beauty heritage and new skincare and science-based makeup, we have become a trusted brand for generations. No7 continues to promote its in-depth consumer research, product research and skin awareness scientific research and innovation program, developing its next-generation beauty and technologies.

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