Continuous Product Design (CPD) improves organizational alignment around customers and leads faster and more confident product creation.

Colorado Sources, Colo., November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quantum MetricContinuing Product Design (CPD) Pioneer today conducted new research in collaboration with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services. The report “Matching Your Whole Company to Customers” shows why businesses need to build a culture around their customers’ needs in order to quickly meet the expectations of digital experiences.

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“In today’s digital-first world, the company’s web or mobile experience is just as important to customer success as the products or services it sells,” he said. Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metric. “Working with leading digital leaders, we have seen how a customer-centric culture can transform and drive effective innovation. Our report with Harvard Business Review further confirms this and focuses on digital investors who continue to invest. Product Design to build meaningful digital experiences.”

The report includes interviews with senior digital executives at HSBC, Virgin Voyages, Canadian Tire and Seera Group to help them manage ongoing product design organizational disputes and help their teams focus on customer needs. This is supported by recent Harvard Business Review analytics services surveys and research, highlighting the need for a more customer-centric digital design approach.

Highlights from the report include:

  • CPD empowers digital businesses to leverage compassion. Consumers today need more human experience than digital brands. As digital leaders Michael Spiteri, A leading provider of global change and innovation for the HBC Life and Insurance Partnership, achieving long-term value and engagement through the acquisition of digital experiences using customer awareness.

  • Customer-oriented design of product-specific products.. Empowers CPD companies to make product decisions based on customer needs. Ronnie VargessSera Group, vice president of digital production at Sera Group, talks about how his company has helped the CPD create features for pipeline construction and respond directly to customer struggles.

  • Technology is not enough; Culture is key. 84% of executives in Harvard Business Review analytics services cite culture as the “pillar” of digital transformation. On Virgin Trips, Mariana FonsecaEcommerce’s vice president said conflict reduction begins with acknowledging the challenges in group communication and that the CPD platform can serve as an important tool for cooperation.

  • Digital transformation begins with leadership. In order to have a customer-centered culture, leadership must register for the CPD system. John CoralAccording to CTC Digital President of Goma Canada, digital strategy should be guided by the overall organizational strategy: “What do you want to be for your customer?”

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