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2021 Annual General Meeting

Address of the Chairman and CEO and President


Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mori Stang and I am pleased to welcome you to the Nanosonic 2021 Annual General Assembly. While this meeting is taking place imaginatively, we are prepared to strengthen the interaction and interaction of shareholders and look forward to returning to our normal physical and mixed form in the future.

The 21st fiscal year, in a challenging environment, has been one of both initiatives and innovations on our broader development agenda. Your company is actively meeting the needs of its customers, adapting to new and innovative ways of doing business, expanding its sales, marketing and service offerings across multiple geographical areas.

The Nanosonic team has undergone a truly impressive series of activities in all aspects of the business. This increase in mobility and accessibility has provided promising strategies and potential for continued growth in the global market. At the same time, the basics of the rule and the customer automation process will continue to be strengthened and we will see a more promising landscape moving forward.

Nanosonix Limited 2021 AGM Chairman and CEO and President Address

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People and culture / values

The growth and success of nanosonics continues to be supported and guided by our people, our culture, our leadership team and our board. This unity and cooperation has ensured the health and well-being of our team through the challenges of the global epidemic.

This is an example of how our people live our values. “Cooperation, creativity, discipline, efficiency and the desire to win” represent the core values ​​that define everything we do in nanosonic.

We recognize the high value that our people place on the company. We are expanding our capacity throughout the year and the total number of employees has increased from 9% to 339.

Our people ‘s focus is on a unique result of the company’s employee engagement survey, which shows that the entire workforce is in line with the company’s goals and, importantly, their work directly contributes to the company’s goals.

Nanosonix Limited 2021 AGM Chairman and CEO and President Address

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Opportunities for growth


In North America it has also increased.

50% growth introphonTAM (up to 60,000 units) led by strong ultrasound.

Improving the basics for adoption in EMEA

Include guidelines in the region and related nanosonics investments.

Expanding our business in the Asia Pacific

Strengthened the basics in Japan, and established local presence in China.


Driving trophon ® business growth

Investments on innovation

Ongoing investments have resulted in a $ 17.2 million R&D in a number of projects.

Nanosonics AUDITPRO TM

A new digital product platform has been launched to provide a unique new digital workflow compliance management system.

Next Technology Platform


The next Infection Prevention Technology Forum today focuses on one of the most important issues in device redesign – flexible endoscope cleaning.

Nanosonic Limited | Annual General Assembly 20218

As an infection prevention company, nanosonic opportunities are more important than ever. North America has made great strides in the use of ultrasound in recent years. This has contributed to the increase in the potential for Tropon technology in North America, which is expected to grow by an estimated 50% over 60,000 units. We are now seeing improvements in the basics of accepting trophies in the European region. At the same time, we are expanding our business across the Pacific across Asia, including important markets in Japan and China.

It is interesting to note that the nanosonics have been able to respond to the influx of trophon® ecosystems and related ecosystems, especially in the second half of the year. . This nanosonix business model clearly demonstrates the strength and resilience, strong relationship with Gee Healthcare and other original original manufacturers and distributors, the proprietary protection ecology and the natural value of its services.

June 28, 2021 Nanosonics Audit ሮ Releases Extension to Digital Health. AuditPro represents nanosonix access to the required data center and adherence to infection prevention, which in turn has the potential to increase automated HDD in many processes.

The new CORIS platform, aligned with R&D and significant investment in innovation, is based on the principles of automated, patient safety in endoscopy.

Nanosonix Limited 2021 AGM Chairman and CEO and President Address

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And improved workflow. This growth program addresses the unmet needs and is driven by deep engagement with customers and industry. Michael is deeply involved in this innovation.


In addition to these opportunities, we believe that developing our skills into a broader infection prevention market will be the engine of growth and that new initiatives are being developed under our R&D program to identify and evaluate strategic purchases. Opportunities for major causes of infection.

The expanded technology team is currently focused on four sectors: Core Core R&D, Continuous Engineering, External Technology Assessment, and Nanosonic Investments. These skills enable us to engage in organic and collaborative opportunities that support our growth space and customer focus.


With the continued growth opportunities and growth in the business, we look forward to moving to the new global headquarters in Macquarie Park, NSW, in the first half of the 2022 calendar year. The move will double the company’s R&D potential and increase production capacity and practical support for growing global trade.

Nanosonix Limited 2021 AGM Chairman and CEO and President Address

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The large investment that will be transferred to the new global headquarters will be supported by the NSW Government’s NSW Jobs Plus program over the next 3 years and will provide the company with a strong platform for sustainable global growth.

  1. I was especially excited about the new construction Modern laboratories with virtually every R&D laboratory space that enhances our R&D capacity.

Thank you to the Government of NSW Government and in particular to the Dominican Perotte, the Honorable Stuart Iris Emp, the Minister of Works, Investment, Tourism and West Sydney and NSW Chief Executive Officer Amy Brown for the development of Nanosonic. We look forward to continuing our growth with a strong commitment to NSW and the expansion of our resources will directly support global trade and exports.

ESG and variance

The Nanosonix Sustainability Report provides extensive information on the company’s mission, future success, and environmental, social, and management practices that represent the company’s DNA. I am confident that the shareholders’ report will show a strong commitment to our employees, customers, suppliers and our investments in social responsibility and the environment.

In our Sustainability Report, I am very proud to see the amount of recycled “end-of-life” products and services being recycled responsibly and growing.

Nanosonix Limited 2021 AGM Chairman and CEO and President Address

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