Singapore-based Capital Markets Platform ADDX launches first cryptocurrency product listing by Australian Investment Manager Digital Assets Fund Trovio Capital Management (TCM).

The fund aims to provide accredited investors with a safe alternative to crypto investment, and provides institutional standards for the business’s performance and protection of basic digital assets.

The TCM Digital Property Fund is investing in seven high-performance cryptos that are prominent in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The fund has a net revenue of 215 percent in 2020 and 205 percent in 2021.

The fund has an independent administrator, auditor and trustee and is regularly audited by KPMG.

A.D. Founded in 2017, the Sydney-based Trovio Group is led by veteran bankers John Dine and Bob Taker. Formerly known as Infinigol. And focused on digging for precious metals..

With more than 15 years of experience managing disaster areas for investment banks, including CEO Dean JP Morgan and UBS AG.

“Bringing our main fund to the ADDX MAS-controlled platform is a great experience,” he said.

“We continue to value and appreciate digital assets as an independent asset in a variety of portfolios.

“The ADX platform is enabling investors to access these segments without interruption, and is often reducing conflicts over traditional channels. We look forward to working with the ADX team to launch our other products in the coming months.

According to ADDX Chief Marketing Officer Oi Chu, “crypto is probably the digital gold of our age.

There is a strong demand among investors for exposure to these digital assets. The traditional financial world initially tried to maintain a cautious distance.

Today, however, major financial institutions have crypto offerings or are seriously considering them.

“We believe it is time to discuss whether crypto currencies have a place in the investment portfolio.

“The more appropriate question now is how one should manage the risk of crypto investments, in terms of asset protection and price volatility.

“A professionally managed crypto fund can address these concerns for investors.”

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