• Following a year-long growth, FinaMaze began acquiring a category of consumer premium retailers
  • Earlier this year, ADGM-based AI Wealth Manager launched a variety of crypto basketball and crypto index-based smartphones.

Abu Dhabi – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the launch of a new series of smartphones for Prime retail investors following a year-long growth.

Prime retail investors now have a wide range of options to invest in 10 suitable smartphones.

– International Stock, ESG, Islamic or FICC (Fixed Income)

– Regional stock markets in the United States, the Gulf, China or India.

– Sectors: Tech or G10 Real Estate.

Each smartphone is built on the FinaMaze algorithm, monitored and balanced, under the control of the FinaMaze Investment team, to meet the needs and metrics of every prime retail investor, reducing the cost of marketing and making a good difference.

We are pleased to have the support of the retailer’s customer support provided by the supervisor several months after we started only for “professional” investors and after a thorough review of our internal control systems, processes and accounts. This is a testament to the strength of our investment solution. Now, with simple and fully automated online booking, any potential investor can get ‘private-banking-grade’ investments at a fraction of the cost, ”said FinaMaze founder and CEO Mehdi Fichatali.

A.D. Launched in November 2020 at the Fintech Abu Dhabi 2020 Forum, Finamaze is stepping up its efforts as MENA Regional AI-Digital Resources Manager. Provides low-cost AI-enabled strategies that monitor markets as a whole or follow specific market trends and trends to respond to each investor’s needs and behaviors.

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About the FinaMaze team

Managed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority at ADGM and inspired by Nobel Prize-winning scholars, FinaMaze is the MENA Mixed Human / Robo Digital Resource Manager. FinaMaze is committed to solving long-term challenges in the region and beyond.

Combining powerful AI with data scientists, numerical finance and software engineers, FinaMaze combines machine learning with human science to provide personalized investment solutions.

“AI in Human Services” is the core value of FinaMaze, with strong ethics, transparency and commitment to the right investment conditions and results.

FinaMaze is regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and has an extended investment management license.

Visit to learn more about FinaMaze www.finamaze.com

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