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Draw your image Digital Twin Nike sneakers and trackwear to a Microsoft Team Meeting or Facebook – I mean Meta– Imaginary rooms when you sit on your couch in pajamas and socks.

That’s what Nike is thinking about for the future.

On October 27, Nike submitted more than half a dozen trademarks to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including the Woosh logo and the slogan “Do It”, which show plans to make and sell virtual shoes and clothing.

All of these trademark registration applications are “intended to cover the following categories. Downloadable virtual goods, such as shoes, clothing, headwear, eyewear, handbags, sports bags, handbags, sports equipment, art, toys, and computer programs for online and offline virtual worlds.

Nike Trademark Apps

Nike Trademark Apps

Nike branding apps for the virtual world.

Registration takes time. USPTO Fresh Applications are usually assigned to examine attorneys for six months from the date of registration.

Works of Nike Meters

Nike is less likely to trade and sell its products in the Meta version, rather than branding them. Protect them From switching to other invasive tokens (NFTs) – but the latest job descriptions point in a different way.

There are three vacancies in Beverton, Oregon – where Nike is headquarteredVirtual Material Designer II”In the Digital Product Creation Team. A key role is to “redefine our digital world to vice versa And building the capacity of our team, ”Nike said in a statement.

For vacancy Virtual Material Designer I, ShoesIt also mentions Metvas, part of the Digital Product Innovation Team.

Nike has not responded to Quartz’s request for comment on its Meters plans.

Is Nike Good for Meters or Bad News?

It’s Nike. The most valuable clothing name in the world It has received over $ 30 billion worth of digital goods.

March 2019 Nike a Virtual Popup Store Consumers can get a limited edition items using the credit they received from previous purchases. Two months later, Nike Jordan Brand collaborates with Video Game FortNit to produce character skins Nike Sneaker Donor. Later that year, Nike Presented Ownership of CryptoKicks, which connects physical shoes to blockchain to verify ownership.

Getting involved in immersive Internet is a natural step forward. And Nike’s boasting could have a detrimental effect on Meters’ suspects.

“Nike’s entry into the meta version will help with major adoption, allowing more users to spend time in the virtual world.” Justin Mello, CEO MENAHe told Quartz that he works with NFT artists to create metal galleries. “Nike can use its huge product size to create some Dop Meters adapters for virtual models.”

However, Nietzsche warned that Nike should “start thinking about their implications in the metatars” to avoid the problems of the offline into the virtual world. Nike has already been charged Sexual discrimination And Racism By former employees, the company has declined. And such a huge force can cover the future talent and take control of the place quickly.

“We hope that Nike will engage and give decentralized ownership of their imaginative products when artists from different backgrounds think about their balanced plans,” Mello said.

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