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To get your share of the political campaign for the 2022 mid-term elections, treat politics as a multi-billion dollar category.

November 11, American Newspaper Webburner, Politician John Kimball John Kimball’s team lists 16 things staff should consider now:

  1. Get started now! Voting early and posting means elections start early and are more expensive than ever.
  2. Get a political champion to run the campaign.
  3. Pay attention to what’s going on in the market (local issues, TV commercials, direct mail, primary ads).
  4. Check your paperwork to see if candidates have been notified before they are officially presented.
  5. Visit their local polling station in person.
  6. Remind them that the people they need are your readers – in print and online.
  7. If your editorial staff supports a candidate or proposal, make the call and sell ads to tell their story.
  8. If your paperwork is not approved, see # 7. They have the money to deliver their message.
  9. Remind them that you will share a common goal of serving the market community.
  10. If you can’t make an appointment with the decision maker, consider contacting other politicians or influencers in the market to see if you can help get your message across to the right people.
  11. Try Facebook messaging, text messaging and / or emails.
  12. If you have special printing skills, offer candidates for other printing needs (direct mail, door hangers, backyard signs, etc.).
  13. Look for mapping and other sales tools to show your coverage and reach out to candidate constituencies.
  14. If you can, offer a target delivery – it’s cheaper than live messaging.
  15. Find and connect with local and regional party chairs; They say a lot about how money is spent.
  16. Packages – packages – packages. Simplify the purchase process by packing your product portfolio into multiple cost levels so that candidates and campaigners can easily see what they can buy for $ XX.

John answers your question:

What should we do with a 24-year-old political consultant who does not know and does not know newspapers?

Another way is to challenge that buyer with your own digital product example. Show them how much news they deliver online and update it regularly. Don’t be afraid of how much time, effort and resources you put into your community and the news you want – even if it’s not always published on the street or in the mailbox. They see it – they don’t think where it came from.

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