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Moisture transport containers in the Pacific Ocean give a hint of how the epidemic and Amazon, as we know it, will change.

He called a company earlier this year Athena I was in a hurry with the hoOmeLabs brand of wet dryers. You may have read how difficult and expensive it is. Moving goods around the world, And Athena felt the pain.

The company was told it would cost $ 25,000 or more to transport customers from Chinese factories to the United States, a cost that would normally cost about $ 3,000, said Athalia’s chief production officer Michal Chawat-Fix. He then met Amazon and offered to put the airspace on the most expensive cargo ships in the Pacific Ocean.

“It was a great relief,” Chaouat-Fix said. Amazon brought the goods to the port and arranged for Athens to be shipped to American warehouses. Those dehumidifiers are available for purchase on Amazon as well as on the Walmart, eBay and Homemalabs websites.

I follow closely on Amazon, but I didn’t know it until Aterian told me that it would hire cargo ships for some merchants selling in the digital mall. Amazon Ocean Cargo Service it is. Not new, But became more and more relevant International shipping went on highway this year. Amazon told me that it still added relatively new services to a few merchants.

Amazon’s adventures on the high seas have been a dramatic twist in the war to deliver products to our doorstep. Another example. Amazon’s growing network Of Warehouses, Package centers, trucks, Planes And transportation vanes show that the company is becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout the life cycle of factories from home to factory.

Aterian told investors this week that Amazon’s ocean freight service has helped maintain “very competitive shipping prices” for products expected to generate half of expected sales next year. (Ateri’s most popular product, Squash PottyNo cargo ships made in the US are required.)

They have Amazon and merchants like Athena Common goal: Make sure there are enough products on the virtual shelves we buy. Amazon has the money and potential to arm ocean cargo companies, so merchants can export their products at affordable prices.

The ocean freight service is one of the options Amazon offers to millions of merchants – at least Texas Doll Company Or the Chinese Electronic Concometer Anchor – Sells products to buyers. For an additional fee, they can store their goods in Amazon stores, network and ship their products. Pay Amazon for more popular online shows..

Merchants often find these options useful, however As well as a source of frustration Sometimes with prices and feelings Very dependent Sometimes on a mercurial business partner. Aterian CEO Yanive Sarig spoke about the power of Amazon and other users of Mammoth Gateway. “This is the reality of our world,” he said.

It will be interesting to see what happens next with the demand for the Amazon ocean load. It was once embarrassing to think that Amazon would be in the same league as FedEx, one of America’s largest shipping companies. It is now..

This Fast-growing Amazon logistics machine He is super powerful for the company, and to know Transportation from Asian factories The next step is reasonable. Sarig and some other Amazon observers said the company was considering what to do next, managing its own U.S. commercial port or ocean liner. (Amazon does not want to discuss this assumption with me.)

The cholera epidemic and the harassment that caused global production (hopefully!) Will be temporary. But this may be a time of constant change in marketing and transportation.

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