Moisturizing containers packed with wet dryers in the Pacific Ocean hint at how the epidemic and Amazon, as we know it, will change.

Earlier this year, a company called Aterian was in trouble with the Hom Labs dehumidifier. The company was being offered $ 25,000 or more to transport customers from Chinese factories to the United States. According to Athena’s chief product officer, Michal Chat-Fix, the same load usually costs about $ 3,000.

He then met with Amazon and offered to install the airports on the most expensive cargo ships in the Pacific Ocean.

“It was a great relief,” Chaouat-Fix said. Amazon brought the goods to the port and arranged for Athens to be shipped to US warehouses. Those dehumidifiers are available for purchase on Amazon as well as on the Walmart, eBay and Homemalabs websites.

Amazon’s ocean freight service is not new, but this year it has become even more important as international shipping has flown over Hawaii. Amazon has added new options to what it says are still relatively small services to a few merchants selling in the digital mall.

Amazon’s adventures on the high seas have been a dramatic twist in the war to deliver products to our doorstep. Another example of this is the growing power of Amazon’s warehouses, packaging centers, trucks, airplanes and vanes.

Aterian told investors this week that Amazon’s ocean freight service has helped maintain “very competitive shipping prices” for products expected to generate half of expected sales next year. (Ateri’s most popular product, squash potty, is made in the US – no cargo required.)

Merchants like Amazon and Athens have one goal: Make sure you have enough products on your virtual shelves. Amazon has the money and potential to arm ocean cargo companies, so merchants can export their products at affordable prices.

Ocean shipping service is one of the many options offered by Amazon to millions of merchants – a small Texas toy company or an Chinese electronics congress – selling products to buyers. For an additional fee, you can store their goods in Amazon stores, ship their products online and pay Amazon for more popular online displays.

Traders often find these options useful, but sometimes they are a source of frustration because of costs and sometimes because of relying on a mercury trading partner. “That is the reality of the world,” said Aterian CEO Janive Sarig, who spoke on the power of Amazon and other consumer media channels.

It was once embarrassing to think that Amazon would be in the same league as FedEx, one of America’s largest shipping companies. It is now. This fast-growing Amazon logistics machine is a superpower for the company, and knowing transportation from Asian factories is the next step.

Sarig and some Amazon viewers can see what the company can do next, such as moving its own US commercial port or ocean liner. (Amazon refuses to discuss this estimate.)

The cholera epidemic and the harassment that caused global production (hopefully!) Will be temporary. But this may be a time of constant change in marketing and transportation.