The new integration will seamlessly integrate the data cloud in the classroom with the # 1 product analysis solution in Amplitude to break data silhouettes, enrich product data and accelerate innovation.

San Francisco, November 09, 2021– (Business wireAmplified, Inc. Nassak, a leading AMPL pioneer, today announced the launch of a new digital optimization, integration and partnership. Snowflake, Data Cloud Company. Now, with just a few clicks, any Snowfleck customer can easily import information into Amplitude and open up a practical understanding of customer characteristics and product experiences. Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System captures every customer step from data sources and provides an in-depth understanding of how business leads. This two-way integration allows teams to break data silhouettes, enrich data sets, and unlock real-time self-service insights. Now every member of the organization – from product managers to marketers and executives – can use Snowflake and Amplitude to make data-based decisions that accelerate rapid product creation and revenue growth.

“We are on a mission to help companies build better products through information,” said Justin Bauer, senior vice president of production at Amplutud. “Businesses need to know that strategic product decisions are right today, so it’s important that technical and non-technical teams get the product information they need when and how they need it. Class analysis.

For example, the Digital Payments leader will use the Amplified integration with Snow Flake to encourage its customers to better understand, engage and enjoy. Practical and Instant Data As we move through the product development process, square leaders can focus on the most important ones to create unusual digital experiences.

Snowflake customers can enjoy the full scope of Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System. You can now convert snowflake data to a personalized feature and take action on that data. Extensive advice And Wide test.

The integration also works in two directions. Snow Client customers can now improve the quality of the data in their example with the new data export workflow in Amplitude. Customers can use Amplitude’s powerful data management to integrate and solve other product data sources.

Together, the snowflake solves organizational pain points around adoption, insight, and quick action.

  • Lightning: Quick Queries: Amplitude allows each team to collaborate, experiment, and take data-based decisions from multiple seconds to milliseconds and take question time instantly.

  • Background identity: Digital experiences contain many tools, products and channels. At Amplitude, user data is automatically expanded to a single feature and feature profile for accurate analysis.

  • Event-Based Management SuiteAll teams can record, plan, manage, and clear all information on Amplitude and Snowflake in two directions for self-analysis and time-saving.

  • Real-time personalizationAmplitude’s Behavioral Graph identifies real-time viewers and provides related information down during customer interaction.

“With Amplitude and Snow Flux, business leaders can use the power of information to determine and drive their production strategy,” said Duke, head of technology at Snowfleck. “Instead of wasting circuits on information infrastructure or processes, non-technical users can continue to receive up-to-date rich feature information and answer critical questions to guide data-driven digital teams.”

Through this partnership, Amplitude has been selected by Snowflake Partner Network as a Snowflake Technology Partnership. Learn more about the Amplitude and Snowflake partnership over here.

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