Amsterdam – (Amplified, Inc. (Nasdaq Flight AMPL) Digital Optimization Pioneer announces the opening of the European Data Center in Frankfurt, Germany today. Amplutud’s new data center supports the growing EU customer base and the growing number of companies investing in digital products. Now, these companies can practice the power of the Amplified # 1 product analytics solution by respecting their customer data in the EU and complying with local data privacy requirements.

Amplitude selected Amazon Web Services (AWS), known for its classroom privacy and security protections, can host Amplitude product innovation and data privacy compliance at the same time. Amplitude’s unique, personalized EU data center supports not only data storage but also data entry, query and viewing.

“Companies around the world are looking to build better products with information, so we are investing heavily in delivering unique security and privacy standards across global infrastructure,” said Daniel Bailey, EMEA Vice President at Amplified. “Consumer data privacy should be a priority, especially when sharing and storing data in the cloud. ”

Amplitude has chosen the AWS data center in Frankfurt because Germany adheres to the strictest privacy and technology standards in the world. This means that Amplitude follows strict review procedures and maintains high standards for all user access controls, data filters and devices. The data center is independent and agnostic, compliant with General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) and certified by ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II.

With Amplitude’s new data center, EU customers can instantly access the market # 1 product analytics solution with built-in data management and identity solutions. This means that many EU customers will have an awareness of privacy: first, secure and self-service to help groups increase their awareness of customers, improve their digital product experience and measure the impact on their overall customer journey.

Amplified strategic investment includes key integration partnerships that enable EU customers to leverage their existing data and marketing technology stack. The new EU data center supports integration with Slip, Braze, AppCues and Airship. With the support of Amplitude Recommend and Amplitude Experiment, additional partnerships will be developed over time.

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