Width (NASDAQ: AMPL) It appeared on the market in September, offering a new variety Cloud software To get a piece for investors.

The company provides product management tools to enable product managers to improve their digital products and better understand how they work. According to the company, digital optimization is the next step after digital transformation. Once companies have built the digital infrastructure they need, they can focus on optimizing the infrastructure for amplification.

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The company helped Peloton Interactive Know that making social interaction part of the experience stimulates and helps the user experience Spirit Airlines Add traffic to mobile app and sign up early.

After discussing a $ 35 price target in September, Amplified stock rose sharply, gaining support.

Amplitude, like a public company, released its first quarter results, which raised expectations. Below are some highlights.

  • Revenue increased by 72 percent to $ 45.5 million.
  • Adjusted $ 0.05 loss exceeded expectations of $ 0.14 per share.
  • The number of payment customers has increased by 54% to 1,417.
  • Net retention rate was 121%, an increase of 21% from existing customers a year ago.

Overall, the figure shows that the business is accelerating after 66% year-on-year growth in the second quarter, with both new customers and existing strong growth. The company continues to expand its customer base beyond the tech industry, registering as names Carvana, NautilusWhen the software suite is in high demand and Macmillan’s education.

The company is taking steps to make its optimization tools more accessible to customers. Announced a new merger and partnership with Snowflake (NYSE ፡ snow), A cloud-based data storage company, which allows Snow Flash customers to easily enter information into Amplitude, providing insights into business customer behavior.

In an interview with The Motley Fool, CFO Hoang Vuong described the partnership between the two companies as “natural” because many amplified customers use cloud flare data. It will also make Amplitud more accessible to Snow Fleck’s 5,000 customers, giving the company a new growth path.

Chief Executive Officer Spenser Skates explained. Incoming call Easily accessing information to Amplitude is one of the biggest challenges our customers face, and he added:

The tail wind is blowing.

Amplified was founded only in 2014, and the company is moving rapidly to solve a new market in product information and digital optimization. ቩong said that in September, the company’s direct data and during the epidemic, digital transformation helped to raise awareness of brand and digital optimization as a business tool.

The company introduced two new products in the second quarter, advising and testing. Advice helps personalize customer experience points, and allows testing companies to use high-impact A / B testing and scale testing to improve customer service. Those products have helped accelerate the company’s growth, and he expects to introduce one or two new products each year.

The company is stepping up investments in the business to bring long-term growth. ፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨፨

Management was conservative, demanding that revenue growth be delayed by 55% and higher line growth. It expects at least 40 percent revenue growth by 2022.

The stock was expensive when it came to its earnings report, and shares sold in the news, falling 7% on Wednesday morning, in response to a closed policy. That high estimate means that investors should expect the stock to fluctuate in the coming years. But the results of the third quarter were fundamentally flawless and the company is building a balanced growth between snowflakes, new products and new and existing customers.

With the $ 37 billion target market in place, it looks like the company is making the right move.

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