Rachel Walker is an associate product analyst with AND Digital.

That is why it has been a great honor for me and ANDM – the common name ANDM for its people – to participate in a series of “creative days” working with sustainable fashion. Scotland.

Innovation Day is a popular initiative that gives all ANDM a chance to work on projects that benefit them.

open To our opinion newspaper

open To our opinion newspaper

These specific days are opportunities for each of us, from the boardroom to junior code makers, to be actively involved in local projects, charities and / or the community in which we work. They are also great ways for ANDMs like me to help create greater social impact in our work.

Creative Day is a popular initiative.

Earlier this year, myself and my colleagues Barbara Safasi and Taliya Horner used our ‘creative days’ to launch a project with Sustainable Fashion Scotland to support sustainable consumer procurement and freelancers to bring their work here. Market in Scotland. The reason we fully support it.

The company’s brief was aimed at increasing digital presence and expanding community access. Although it has been widely used on social media, it does not yet have a central digital center for information on its permanent activities.

As soon as we started the project, we consulted with the charity team in brief and discussed the current and future needs. The process was a collaborative effort that saw a new vision and the overall search for digital real estate – the company’s website – a priority for both groups.

There are jokes about the new look and feel of the website, which are complemented by extensive product analysis. We have also developed a number of technologies that the company can use to increase engagement through its website.

In addition to supporting sustainable society Scotland in changing the face of fashion sustainability, we have gained a wealth of experience working with leading analysts in our Edinburgh team, especially in choosing the right technologies to drive the big one. Social influence.

Innovation Day Collaboration is an ongoing fashion that Scotland has now made clear to stakeholders about the changes it needs to make to its website and is looking forward to launching a new and improved version of the ANDM team soon.

With the presence of AND in Scotland going from strength to strength, there are many opportunities for technology professionals to help us make a significant impact on our customers and the communities we serve.

Rachel Walker is a senior product analyst. And digital, Technology company to help Scottish companies and the public sector get their digital capabilities from Edinburgh and Glasgow clubs