Tearsheet 2021 Challenge Prizes Poet SeedFi and Cross River

Today’s users want more from the bank. And at the same time, many new players are coming into the field. Challenging banks offer a good alternative, but non-financial products such as Walmart, Apple and Google offer or offer banking products.

Tearsheet’s Challengers Awards is a major financial industry award program focused on digital banking. Direct Banks, Digital Banks, Challenging Banks – Banking is becoming more and more digital and Challenger Awards are designed to honor existing and beginners in the field.

Serve the unused. SeedFi / Cross River

SeedFi It empowers Americans to have a better relationship with money. The organization helps develop long-term savings habits, build loans and plan for the future, and provides funding in times of need. SeedFi recognizes the low-credit low-income population and builds credit and lending and promotion services to provide transparent, affordable and participatory services to help low-income consumers build their financial future. SeedFi shared with. Crossing riverProvides banking services to support these offerings, including savings accounts, ACH payment services and loan repayments.

These products focus on both lending and saving – often solving two critical needs that are not present in one product. In the Loan and Growth Plan, SeedFi provides consumer credit in a
Responsible loan product, as well as savings account. Each month, account holders pay a portion of their debt and contribute to a savings account. When the loan is repaid, the account holders are debt-free, typically have improved credit scores, and the savings account balance is used to meet current needs or to build for the future.

Under the Credit Builder plan, SeedFi users take out loans and make monthly payments.
Prepared in a savings account. Once the loan is repaid, the user can open a savings account. And when they repay their loan, they are also increasing their credit.

Best banking app Current

Current It is a leading American financial technology company that serves Americans who are driven and committed to creating a better future for themselves. More than 50% of current members have never had a bank account before. This is because the company can easily build and register the banking application from mobile to pay and check and use it for people who have never used a banking application before; And it meets their most pressing needs, which is to understand how much money they have / their account and to know exactly where their money is going.

Tearsheet 2021 Challenges Rewards Present Current

Members can sign up for now in just two minutes. Account balance is primarily displayed on the app’s home screen. The high-level perception view also appears on the home screen and expands when tapped to show total monthly expenses and expenses by category. By looking at where they spend each month and how much they spend, members can set a budget to better manage their expenses. Members can automatically allocate money for specific purchases using digital wallets. These funds will not be available from their account balance but will be easily transferred back and forth with a few taps.

It allows members of the current financial management department to swipe left and right between sources to easily add or move from a variety of sources, including links to external sources. Members can easily enter a check into their account using only their phone camera. It now offers a debit-based point system and members can see more than 20,000 merchants near you where you can earn points on map purchases. Members receive up to 15x points for purchases, either by tapping on their accounts (immediately ready for service) or by simply tapping on other items in the current store.

Best banking serviceR.: Payveris

Tearsheet 2021 Challenges Rewards Rewards Payveris

Payveris provides cloud-based accounting, payment and financial services through the MoveMoney platform. Direct access to consumer accounts through banks and credit unions serves the financial institution market.

Payveris currently supports more than 300 US financial institutions through digital accounting, payment, management and financial technology. The MoveMoney Platform has a history of robustness, security and reliability to significantly reduce banking operating costs and increase IT investment.

A.D. By 2020, Payveris had a record growth year with the signing of nearly 50 new financial institution customers. Also, in 2020, the company acquired cloud-based billing technology, Paymentus. Paymentus serves customers’ billing directly by billing the customer’s account. The companies combine to create instant networking that connects consumers’ financial institution accounts with their invoices, allowing instant payments and information exchange.

Best new product Laurel Road for Doctors

Tearsheet 2021 Challenges Rewards Free Laurel Road

A.D. In March 2021, Laurel Road’s Kibbank Digital Banking Forum unveiled a new digital financial and banking product designed for doctors to manage Laurel Road for students and dentists and help them meet their unique financial goals.

Laurel Road for Doctors has actually integrated three banking products and three financial management products under a new provision to provide financial support to dentists and dentists at each level. A credit card that offers a 2% cashback to pay off most student loans includes a savings account for student loans, a new savings account that reduces student loans, and a higher product savings account.

Laurel’s Way for Doctors’ Salaries and Debts Similar to other doctors in the same medical specialization, budget, emergency savings and disability insurance targets and growing premium brand partners such as Talkspace, P. volve, Sakara, TaskRabbit, Brooklinen, KidPass and The White Coat Investor.

Partner Bank of the Year: Evolve Bank and Trust

Tearsheet 2021 Challenges Rewards Depress Evolution

Evolv Bank & Trust offers unique solutions and new technologies to its partners. With technology offering financial products in the future, the open bank division allows hundreds of Fintech partners to launch unique financial products for a wide range of key users.

With over 100 years of experience, Evolv’s goal is to provide the foundation for the world’s best financial innovators. Popular programs supported by Evolve Solutions focus on Dave, Strip, MasterCard / Visa, Afrim and other traditional banking services and provide new ways for users to manage and connect with their money. Ivolv is a senior member of both MasterCard and Visa and recently moved to Inc. Added to the list of 5,000 US fast-growing companies. In addition, Evolv has been promoted to the highest position for seven consecutive years.

Best Bank Card Product Tribal Credit

Tearsheet 2021 Challenges Rewards Trib Tribal Loan

Tribal Credit provides comprehensive smart payment solutions for emerging market SMBs such as multi-currency physical and virtual business visa cards and costs to track and control costs – all in one interface.

Hundreds of SMS in Latin America and other new markets use its products to make domestic and cross-border payments, payroll payments, and more. The award program is specifically designed for the needs of its customers in collaboration with Slack, Notion, Hubspot and others. Tribal credit products are helping SMBs break free from local financial constraints in emerging markets, all of which are boosting their growth and size.

The Most Innovative Bank Partner

Tearsheet 2021 Challenger Awards Reward ally

Overcoming differences is an integral part of Ali’s culture. As it explores, designs and builds financial solutions, it seeks to work in the perspective of a consistent consumer partner. Creativity is a natural product. Ali starts with a group of users, asks them questions, and evaluates how their needs align with the community.
It determines the most important issues, and then decides how to come up with a unique solution.

A.D. In 2021, Ali became the first large bank to completely eliminate overpayments. Ali’s New Smart Savings
A.D. Equipment introduced in 2020 will help consumers cope with savings challenges. The free, newly launched Fentropolis generates 1.5 million downloads in six weeks and is available in Minecraft with an active community of 131 million monthly users.

Ali Financial is reaffirming Fintech’s best combination of brick and mortar banking.
Participate in helping nearly 8.5 million individuals achieve their financial goals.