Tearsheet announced the winners of the 2021 Awards yesterday at the Big Bank Theory Conference. Nearly 1,000 spectators celebrated some of the best works in integrated finance. Tearsheet’s Embedded Awards is an award-winning financial industry program focused on the Integrated Finance and Financial Services Forum.

Best general embedded platform: Marketa

It was a busy year for the modern card issuer. From IPO to growing up in the red hot zone, Marketa has been named the best overall inclusive platform this year.

Marketa works with today’s most innovative brands such as Square, Google, Klarna, DoorDash and JPMorgan to build and deploy products on the platform. The marketing platform allows consumers to access their money quickly and encourages businesses to introduce new payment usage issues to the market. A.D. In 2021, Marketa launched the credit card platform, consolidated its card issuance capabilities and enabled it to process any type of card – debit, prepaid and credit.

Incorporated finance is a great example of customer implementation: Bond and Squire

Squire is a hair salon management and sales software used by thousands of hairdressers throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In August 2021, Square Intro introduced a debit card that integrates with a mobile app, working with an embedded financial platform bond. Square Card allows hairdressers to pay customers faster, pay bills and keep track of expenses and withdraw money. Booking ahead.

The Squire Card, which is built directly into the Squire mobile app, allows owners of hairdressers to transfer money directly from their account to their employees, so the hairdresser can leave the store immediately with the money on the card. Shop owners can use Squire Card to pay for purchases or bills such as rent. In the same way, hairdressers can pay their shop owners for the monthly use of their chair.

Best new product (for brands)Trevipai

TreviPay is a global financial technology company that offers multi-channel payment in today’s digital, global B2B business.

In August 2021, TreviPay announced the release of a one-click mobile payment app for B2B buyers. TreviPay Mobile App allows merchants to offer mobile app payment experience to their pre-authorized B2B credit customers. This allows buyers to access their BNPL / Business Finance through a popular mobile app in the store, which eliminates the need for multiple buyers to issue multiple credit cards and the risk of fraud.

Using TreviPay’s new white label application, customers can select multiple people for B2B buyers’ digital payment experience and BNPL variability similar to B2C purchasing experiences. With one click, B2B customers can access their pre-authorized credit line by creating a unique code that scans the site. Purchase details / terms are stored in the app’s purchase history and sent directly to the buyer’s company, giving buyers the same satisfaction as a non-contact B2C transaction.

The best card issuing platformI understand

Deserve provides a platform for other companies to quickly set up branded credit card programs and extend the credit card experience from app to customer self-service, such as the credit card’s API and SDK library in the existing mobile app and website client UX. .

It may take up to two years for branded credit card programs to be inherited, but Deserve can launch these programs in six months. Sallie Mae, M1, BlockFi, OppFi, Seneca Women, Notre Dame Cards and more are developing Deserve’s smart platform to provide customers with a fair and perfect credit card experience.

In addition, earlier this year, Marketa announced a partnership with Deserve to expand into the consumer credit card market and help other brands launch credit card programs.

Best Payments as a Service Platform: Extension

Extend’s $ 1.6 trillion corporate card industry is designed to simplify payments and transactions for a variety of businesses, including law firms, fintech companies, online lenders, banks, redesign startups, production studios and more.

Extend offers two major products: App, a set of APIs for businesses and contractors looking to provide instant secure payment methods for their employees and contractors.

To date, Extend has partnered with MasterCard, Visa, and most recently American Express. Extend is also in the market with several banks, including Silicon Valley Bank, Urban National Bank and Komadata. Extend provides advanced card services on existing payment lines in collaboration with major processors and networks.

Best new product (for platforms)Pierremont Bank

Pierremont Bank BancFi is a proprietary business loan platform for Fintech and its end users. Typical business credit verification is based on a two-year tax return, which indicates EBITDA if not a real profit. Pierremont has spent more than a year lending a risk-risk management system that identifies strong Fintech players based on traditional profitability metrics.

BancFi offers a variety of credit products, including business capital, warehouse lines and deposited credit lines to Fintech at various stages of development.

Within three weeks of the start of production, the pipeline of Pierremont Fintech companies has been laid.

Best New Embedded Platform: Give

Besto is building a life insurance infrastructure for the Internet, making it accessible to millions of underprivileged families. The full-fledged platform 100% encourages end-to-end customer experience – the first for the life insurance industry.

This year, Besto launched the Protect API, a first-of-its-kind insurance-as-a-service solution that allows Fintech Tech partners to add life insurance directly to their apps or pages, controlling customer experience. Shortly after its launch, Besto announced its partnership with Lominad. Besto’s partnership with Lominad brings one million+ users of Lomonad’s 100% digital life insurance powered by Besto.

The best banking service as a service platform: Treasury Chief

The success of Treasury Prime in the market ensures that banks and fintech companies can co-exist and prosper together. Treasury Prime has built a network of community banks, which will ensure the successful launch of Fintech by linking it to the right banking partnership. By adding new banking partners to the network, Tracy Prime will help Fintech’s customers get home, which means more Fintech projects can be launched and many banks can build the infrastructure needed to be digital first, Fintech is a suitable bank.

The company’s APIs have created new opportunities to meet the needs of new customer segments: Meta (debit card for players), Tuvoli (private air charter industry platform), Wagestream (financial security application for employees), ZenBusiness (leading business formation and growth platform) and Brexes (growing) Business Review).

Best new payments as a service platform: Climb up

Ascend Automation is a state-of-the-art insurance payment platform that offers everything in one finance, collection and payer. Its Payments APIs automatically set up insurance payments from end to end – Buy from an online retailer now, and later pay for commission distribution and service providers.

To date, Ascend has expanded its services to commercial and private insurance lines in all 50 states. In conjunction with Vouch, NewFront, Lucky Truck, Boost, Counterpart, Player Health, Stability, Current Insurance and others with the fastest growing insurance.

In the company’s recent lineup, a series of strategic angels with decades of experience in the insurance industry have invested in: Joshua Mota, (General Manager), Spike Lippkin, (General Manager), Gordon Winthrob, (CT Newfound Insurance), Sam Hodgs, ( Major Voucher Insurance, Philip Naples, (Large Insurance), Chad Nietzsche, (former CEO of Banker Insurance), Max Mulen and Brandon Leonardo, (Innovators) and Ben Rubin (CEO of House Party).