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German chip maker and Apple– Supplier Infineon According to Reinhard Plus, the company’s chief executive, it is struggling to meet the needs of semiconductors.

“Automotive, but other regulators, are currently very strict on supply,” Plus told CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe on Wednesday.

“We are far from meeting the demand,” he said, adding that demand was growing because of the later construction. “The problems are getting worse and worse.”

Lists Apple Infineon as a provider. 2021 List of suppliers, But does not specify what products to buy from the company. Infinion produces a wide range of semiconductor technologies, including microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and integrated circuits for power management.

It is unclear if Apple is getting all the components you need from Infineon. Apple declined to comment on CNBC’s comments.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he owns Copertino’s headquartersExcessive supply restrictions“The company spent $ 6 billion on iPhones, iPads and Macs in the third quarter.

Cook said, “The supply restrictions were created due to the widespread shortage of chips and the disruption of co-production in Southeast Asia.

Infineon has several factories in Southeast Asia and specializes in specialty nodes.

Infineon shares rose more than 2% on Wednesday.

Asked if the Munich-based company was paying a high price for its products, Plos said: “We do not take advantage of the situation because we have a long-term relationship with our customers.”

However, Infineon’s product portfolio acknowledges that there are “market value” bits and packets.

In September, Infinion launched a new 6 1.6 billion semiconductor plant in Vilch, Austria, in an effort to meet demand for its products. He said the chips from the factory will be mainly used to meet the demand of solar and wind power for automotive industry, data centers and renewable energy.