In collaboration with SSI, Augustal is currently being implemented. Shipbuilding PLM To control and release 3D production models and product managers for multiple ships in their shipbuilding programs. This includes close integration with design and engineering and seamless integration with the ERP platform of your choice with the product and supply chain.

“Austal is determined to become the largest naval builder in the Indian-Pacific region.” He said. Andrew Malcolm, Austal Chief Digital Officer. “We measure this not only by the capacity of our shipyards around the region, but also by quality, performance and reliability. Our work with SSI is to build more efficient, efficient and creative capacity.”

The Australian shipbuilder is one of the very few shipbuilders in the world to take an efficient, comprehensive approach to digital transformation. The key is to solve business challenges focused on shipbuilding, identify long-term goals, and focus on implementing technologies to support those goals. As part of that process, the importance of speeding up investment, working within shipbuilding realities, and maintaining high security are all identified as key requirements.

“Austal is a true leader in digital shipbuilding.” He said. Darren Larkins, CEO of SSI. “From design and engineering to production, they are well on their way to becoming a true digital ship builder. We look forward to continuing our work with them on this journey.”

As part of an efficient approach, the project’s initial focus will be more on engineering data when Austal enters production and changes are made. The integration approach taken at the selected forums ensures that stakeholders from a wide range of shipyards and design team offices have access to the models, drawings, and material information they need.

Austal has been a customer of SSI since 2004. These recent developments point to a partnership between the two organizations.

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