Solutions allow companies to become their own video broadcasters and app providers to increase their product offerings

Phoenix, November 09, 2021– (Business wire– Leading global technology solutions provider Avnet (Nasdaq weep- Aviti), In partnership with Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR), is the world’s largest cloud and service provider-independent data center, connectivity and communications solutions provider to enable companies and application providers to develop, launch, measure, and / or enhance their video. Distribution Product Supplies. Built-in solutions for high-performance, cloud-based, and secure universal video streaming, digital real estate and aviation will be one-touch, cost-effective “test and purchase” options. The first solution of the group uses 3rd Gen AMD EPYC-based server Special performance and flexibility integrated with Xilinx U30 FPGA * accelerator card.

A recent study by Deloitte (2021) found that the average American household has four digital video service subscriptions, with 39% of Baby Boomers and 29% of Generation X being the most popular entertainment activity. Common Avnet and Digital Realty video streaming solutions support a wide range of video streaming applications such as video-based e-commerce, social media-based applications, video collaboration, telemedicine, live sports and events, auctions, gambling and sports betting.

Avennet and Digital Realty’s first supply enables customers to find high-quality video streaming solutions that do not require engineers to create or purchase leading solutions. In addition, application providers do not need to purchase infrastructure to evaluate the benefits of the technology, enhancing the benchmark capabilities of the solutions. It is also available to cable companies, digital content providers, entertainment companies, remote surgery / healthcare, military and aerospace, and fintech, with unprecedented performance, quality and overall cost reduction in a convenient way to start and avoid. Measurement solutions using FPGA technology.

The first solution provides the following:

– Complete solution stack from class to application layers
– High performance and very low cost (environment and power-per-channel) in the video streaming industry
– Ability to evaluate the performance of large enterprises before purchasing to assess their capacity and evaluate on infrastructure.

“In close collaboration with Digital Realty and Xilinx, Avnet Integrated is addressing the need to evaluate and select complex hardware and workload solutions for real-time video transport,” said Avnet Integrated, head of strategy. “Latency-sensitive video content delivery is booming in the straightforward markets such as broadcast, mixed media, telemedicine and fintech. With our technology partners and equipment, Avnet Integrated enables our customers to effectively evaluate and deploy solutions globally.”

Avnet Integrated provides comprehensive system integration, business and service solutions globally in collaboration with industry leaders, server hubs, platforms and suppliers. Digital Realty brings solutions to high performance computing and low latency requirements, accessing multiple clouds over a global footprint, 290+ utilities in 47 metro areas, and solutions in 24 countries on 6 continents.

“We are actively supporting the digital real estate industry with an information-oriented architecture and, with the improved platform capabilities DIGITAL® roadmap, we are working to develop digital businesses for the first-of-its-kind global data center. We’re making data centers faster, ”said Tony Bishop, SVP, Platform, Growth and Marketing at Digital Realty.

“We are delighted to present and deploy high-performance and cost-effective digital streaming solutions, in partnership with Xilinx, in partnership with Xilinx,” said Scott Tpin, Director of Supplier Development. By Avnet.

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* FPGA is a field-programmed gateway negotiator that uses pre-built logic blocks and programmable rotation inputs. Systems that use FPGAs can be easily redesigned and upgraded to meet new system requirements, reducing long-term maintenance costs. The Xilinx U30 FPGA Express card offers low cost, single input, low power (25 watts), low profile and high density so it uses less real estate and energy.

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