Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 14, 2021 – (– Axiata Digital Labs, one of the fastest growing and most innovative digital transformation operators in Asia, has announced the launch of its new product portfolio.

Axonect provides enterprise products that seamlessly connect to the North and South Frontier systems and enable enterprises to become flexible digital service providers by changing the company’s footprint to meet changing business needs. Axonect is built on open source technology and uses micro service architecture that allows enterprises to implement it quickly and easily at low cost and provide the flexibility and flexibility they need to meet today’s consumer needs.

Axonect Product Suite launches eight customizable products designed to accelerate digital transformation and leverage enterprises with new market opportunities. Axonect’s product portfolio includes API Manager, API Relay, Enterprise API Collector, Developer Portal, Enterprise Marketplace, Adapters, Multi-Cloud Orchestra and Enterprise. Axiata Digital Labs expects other products, platforms and services to join Axonect in 2021 and 2022.

Soxé Kawdawata, CEO of Axita Digital Labs, said: “Axene is the best brand to accelerate their digital transformation journey by exposing ADL’s unique and innovative products and platform solutions to global customers. The brand portfolio is unique, promising to keep pace with the ever-evolving markets and digital solutions providers, enabling new customers to quickly change existing systems and take advantage of emerging markets. To help companies meet their growing business needs, Axonect has gathered our core competencies, proven and realistic solutions, and decades of experience.

“Businesses must adopt new technologies to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape,” said Namal Jayatlike, vice president – engineering, emerging technology at Axiata Digital Labs. “At Axonect, we can now present our core product and service offerings under one brand and present ourselves as a significant digital transformation engine. However, digital transformation makes it affordable for all businesses.

About Axita Digital Labs
A.D. Founded in 2019, Axita Digital Labs is a new provider of telecom-based digital and IT services and solutions that inspire individuals, enterprises and the community. With more than 1,000 professionals deployed in three countries, ADL assists international clients in the areas of telecommunications, digital services and financial services.

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