NASSCOM, a data-driven digital transformation partner, a leader in global life sciences cloud software and data analytics to share insights into innovations in AI product design with next-generation and commercial technology talent.

Gurgaon, India, November 23, 2021 (Globe News) – Asteria, a global cloud software, data analytics and AI technology leader, will host a number of events and presentations at the upcoming NASSCOM Product Concluster (NPC) for the Life Science Industry. ). NASSCOM has named Accra, a data-driven digital transformation partner for this year’s Conclosive event.

Astertia will lead a panel discussion with the emerging global technology talent community, including panel sessions, firefighting discussions, master classes and video conferencing. Highlights include:

  • Austrian CEO and President Jassie Chad will lead Fireside Chat with an AI win. Chad discusses how innovative companies can surpass competitors and win new customers by accepting information and artificial intelligence (AI / ML). He talks about the health care digital transformation trends to stay here, the challenges they face and how digital transformation can play an important role.

  • Locke Gindall, Axia’s leading product executive, provides a video message on how information can be used to transform digital business models into new business models for the digital age.

Attendees will be able to meet and interact with Austrian leaders at the event to learn more about its innovative products and solutions.

As the world transitions to digital, AI-enabled and data-based technologies are the future and play a vital role in changing the way businesses operate. Axel focuses on developing and developing awareness and adapting these technologies.

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Axtria is a global cloud software and data analytics provider for the Life Science Industry. Axtria Life Science helps companies transform their product business journey to drive sales growth and improve patient health outcomes. Akstria has a strong focus on sales and marketing in the life sciences industry. With customers in more than 75 countries, Axtria is one of the leading global business solutions providers in the life sciences industry.

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About NASSCOM NPC 2021

NASSCOM 2021 is a place where you can share your technology innovations with your peers and colleagues and gain insights from entrepreneurs and industry consultants.

The virtual conclave will take place from Wednesday, December 1 to Saturday, December 4. This event is similar to the promotion of policy in the field of product development, supporting future-oriented technology and innovation, developing digital skills, and promoting entrepreneurship. Build a sustainable and comprehensive technology ecosystem that inspires the world.

The 18th edition of NASSCOM Product Conclude 2021 brings world-class, inspiring speeches and discussions from India. Leaders participate in in-depth dive sessions, master classes, panel discussions, speaker spaces, and creative thinking leadership webinars. LinkedIn live sessions provide insights and bring forward emerging and emerging trends in the tech and healthcare industries.

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