Bedding and beyond Shares rose more than 70% after the retailer issued several press releases on Tuesday.

In addition to its affiliates with the grocery store, the company announced the launch of a digital marketplace that sells third-party products. Kroger. Bed Bath & Beyond also said The stock return program was ahead of schedule, and announced some management changes.

However, the sharp rise in the stock market may have been due to the so-called short cuts, which resulted in fraudulent stock exchanges being forced to buy off their shares.

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the shortest stocks in the country, accounting for 27 percent of all shares. According to Factzet, this is the third largest of the 1,500 largest U.S. stocks.

Consumers leave New York’s bathroom and beyond.

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According to an emotional tracker, there was a big jump on Reddit after the call Swaggy stocks. Bed Bath and Beyond was a favorite of Mem earlier this year, joining the likes Stop the game And AMC Entertainment, Before the retail business collapsed due to a lack of revitalization.

Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond rose 9.6 percent to $ 16.75 on Tuesday. Hours later, the stock traded in large numbers.

Tim Seymour, founder of Seymour Property Management, told CNBC’sFast money“That Bed Bath and Beyond’s shares are driven by the interest of new and non-traditional investors.

“Many of these failed companies are looking for ways to renew themselves,” he said, referring to Reddit’s dynamic stock trading platform. “Let some of these companies be [reinventing themselves] Whether or not, capital markets are allowing them to get there and know it afterwards. And that is one of the great stories of 2021.

What Bed Bath & Beyond announced

After years of poor sales growth, Bed Bath & Beyond is trying to revive its business under CEO Mark Triton. He tried to streamline the business, close down the counterfeit stores, and release personal identification brands, hoping to provide buyers only with in-store products.

The company said Tuesday. Creating a digital marketplace To establish a large presence online. It provides a few more details on when the forum will start and how it will actually work.

“The marketplace is another example of how we can resume our business model,” Triton said in a statement. “We are creating new avenues for long-term profitable growth that we can physically build on our authority in the home and children’s categories.”

He said this individually. Kroger – the country’s largest supermarket chain – will start selling some bedding and more home and baby products on its website And in stores selected as pilots from 2022 onwards.

Cragger’s spokesman said the number of shops will be announced next day with more details.

Bed Bath & Beyond has also named Anu Gupta as the new Chief of Staff. She has previously served as the Chief Strategic and Transformation Officer for Bed Bath and Beyond.

The company also tapped Rafeh Masood as chief customer officer, another newly created role. Masod was previously Bed Bath & Beyond’s Chief Digital Officer and Interim Chief Brand Officer.

Both appointments are effective immediately and report to Triton.

Bed Bath & Beyond also said it expects to complete A $ 1 billion purchase plan By the end of 2021, two years ahead of schedule.

Positive developments

Neil Saunders, managing director of Global Retail Retail, is a positive development.

“The use of the terms” marketplace “and” digital sales “and the like can have a very positive effect on the stock market,” he said.

Sanders also said that home sales are expected to slow down after the outbreak. Sticky shocks Consumers’ inflation can put more pressure on the category and the desire to spend money on travel and refreshments.

“I see why they go up. It’s a bit of a mystery why they go up so much,” he said. “But a lot of things and stock activities on Wall Street are mysterious. Sometimes they are irrational movements.”