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What do employees want? This is one of the basic questions in many of the webinars I have participated in this year. That search for answers, for employers as well as benefits and pensions, partially encourages product development. Here are some recent announcements.

An American OneConnectSM has announced a retirement plan for businesses that want to balance the integration with an integrated or multi-employer approach. One US 3 (16) administration trusts include planning interpretation, eligibility determination, delivery calculations, and more.

Lincoln Financial Group OpenPEP in partnership with NPPG Plan Professionals National Professional Planning Team and Morningstar Investment Management, Morningstar, Inc. Subdivision. QDIAs.

Health-E Business Launches new deadline alerts feature for By registering time alerts, account holders will be notified of special promotions and new arrivals and will receive a series of time warnings by email, which will be counted until the individual’s last.

Leading choice, Digital Pension Consultant, Personal Financial Advisory App 3Nickels. An app that provides financial advisory tools to help individuals and families work financially independently in all areas of personal finance is now available for download.

Green circle lifeCommunication and Participation Forum Smart FHR provider Launched Covid Passport. Covide Passport is available to employees through the app and the web. They can record their immunization status and store their immunization card. The app also allows employees to administer immunizations and take a daily CV risk assessment questionnaire.

Goldman Sachs Property Management And Ascensus 401 (k) or ERISA 403 (b) has announced the launch of Goldman Sachs Workplace Retirement Solutions, which offers an integrated pension program. Digital consulting service, digital financial security solution, open architecture archive platform, record management with flexible service models.

Well, The Financial Benefits Forum, announced that it has added real-time payments (RTP) from JP Morgan to the platform. Members can get paid by card and get it now through digital fast expense options that include RTP.

Centvo, Launched a health plan for self-funded employers, integrated Virtual Primary Care (VPC). Centivo VPC allows members to see the same primary care doctor on a regular basis in a virtual setting. It is currently available to customers and employees in Florida, and will expand to other Centio markets in the first half of 2022.

BPASRetirement plans, benefits, fund management, and joint venture trusts have been instrumental in preventing fraud. Participants who require specific assistance at BPAStify, Participant Service Center, or otherwise may request additional testing using the live video identification process. Upon completion, the recording will be shared with the client’s workforce team, who will verify that the caller is the right employee and authorize BPAS.

Alai Announces Alight Verify Employees enter their immunization information and upload immunization cards to the Alight platform. Employers receive instant analysis and can apply for credits and additional payments through the registration cycle, security programs or payroll.