Black Friday may be a bit restrictive in the charitable sector, with an emphasis on high consumption and trade. But Black Friday offers charities the opportunity to invest in much-needed technology.

Charity Digital offers discounts and donations throughout the year, but ‘it’s time to negotiate, so we thought we would get involved. Below we look at some of the great discounts on charities, donations and other options that can save money for charities.

Don’t forget to check back for new offers as we will update you regularly on the Black Friday front and we will receive new offers and offers.

Save big on avast bundles

Cyber ​​security is an important issue in the charitable sector. Charities increase over time, often because criminals know that charities do not have strong protection. Fortunately, our cyber security experts can help with avast!

Avast is approachingCharitable Cyber ​​Bundles for CharityIt allows charities to take advantage of the increased discounts over the years. The essentials include Avast Business Anti-Virus, Avast Content Filter, And Avast Pach Management in CloudcareAll based on a 24-month subscription. The package offers a discount of more than 86% to charities.

The completed package will only cost £ 24 + VAT. And the benefits are enormous. Charities are protected from cyber threats, along with alerts to better security websites, Patch management Protection from vulnerability, and much more.

See the agreement and other avast products below.

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Check out many offers from Dell

Dell is offering amazing offers in November, but if the stock runs out, the offers will change or disappear – so don’t miss out.

Until Black Friday, there are many pre-orders, which will be built on Dell’s low prices Charitable Digital Exchange.

Preliminary agreements will begin on November 8 and end on November 21, 2021. You can see. Connects to Dell. And see how you can save on charitable digital.

Even if you missed previous sales, Dell still offers significant savings. Qualified charities and libraries have great access. Deals on ExchangeIncluding, but not limited to:

  • 14% in Latitude, Precision and Optiplex
  • 10% off Dell Gaming, XPS and Alienware
  • 10% on Dell SE Series Monitors
  • 15% on non-Dell SE series displays

Check out the link below for more amazing Dell deals.

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Get great deals at Lenovo

Lenovo’s discount program is a collection of offers for desktops, laptops, controllers, tablets, software and accessories from charities and libraries.

Charities that want to update technology home management, controllers and hardware and everything else can get amazing deals with Lenovo – all Charitable Digital Exchange.

Up to 10% off Lenovo hardware and up to 20% off Lenovo accessories. You can browse Lenovo’s website, find software or hardware to support your charity, implement the offer, and save a lot of money. It’s very simple.

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