Coin du bassin aux nymphas hanged on Thursday, November 5, 2021 in New York City.

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New York’s spring art auctions set a record, world wealth, rising inflation and demand for commodities.

With $ 2.65 billion in sales, Christie’s, Sostebe and Phillips recorded a $ 2.59 billion fall in 2014, according to PAX. Collectors have fought everything from ancient Cezannes and Van Goghs to NFF-related video formats.

According to Pi-eX, 32 record jobs sold for more than $ 20 million and 54 jobs sold for more than $ 10 million. Total was $ 1.14 billion, $ 1.34 billion by Sotheby and $ 170 million by Phillips.

Crypto assets were fully visible. Crypto “Justin” paid $ 78.4 million for the Alberto Giacometti “Le Niz” sculpture. A group of crypto investors known as Constitution DAO Defeated by billionaire Ken Griffin B Original copy of the US Constitution Reached $ 43.2 million.

Ivan Pum, a specialist at the Bank of the United States, said: “The sentiment of the stock market is skyrocketing.” . “

Sale of two large collections – Cox Collection at Christie’s and The addition of maclo Sotteby – Creates a quality art trophy for wealthy bidders.

Edwin L., a Dallas petroleum investor. Cox’s acquisition of Cox Collection reached a total of $ 332 million. Vincent van Gog The other Van Gog went about six times. Gustav Kylbote’s “Young Man in His Window” at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles buys $ 53 million.

Macklowe Collection, the result of developer Harry Macloe’s bitter divorce, brought in $ 676 million. The $ 82.5 million deal was led by Mark Rotco “No. 7”. Along with the sun-kissed Giacometti statue, it includes a $ 61.2 million Jackson Pollock and a $ 58.9 million high piece of Sai Twombly.

In the New York City November 15, 2021 Sotheby’s Macklowe Collection auction, Sotheby’s staff held an off-site auction in front of Andy Warhol’s “Sixteen Jacks”.

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NFTs, or invincible tokens, also made camouflage in the fall sale. The NFT-powered sculpture by digital artist Mike Winklmann, known as the Beple, was released for $ 29 million by Christie. The sculpture features a 3D, 7-foot-tall digital light box that shows astronauts navigating the ever-changing landscape. The buyer was Swiss venture capitalist Ryan Zuerre, who focused on crypto, praising Beeple on Twitter for “visionary innovation, amazing new energy and the exciting positive impact you have brought on both crypto and art.”

It became the second highest price paid for NFT after Bipple. “Every day: the first 5,000 days,” Sold earlier this year for $ 69 million by Christie’s.

The crypto people were not so fortunate in their attempts to buy a copy of the constitution. ConstitutionDAO, a group of more than 17,000 cryptocurrencies investors and fans, has raised more than $ 40 million to purchase the first edition of the US Constitution. He was rejected by billionaire hedgehog Ken Griffin, who paid $ 43.2 million for his record. It is on display at the Crystal Bridges American Art Museum in Arkansas.

“I think this is the beginning of something big,” he praised the DAO constitution on Twitter.