New improvements include Blue Prism decision making that allows them to easily integrate machine learning (ML) decisions into their digital workforce without the need for information science knowledge. Blue Prism Recording v3 is another upgrade that allows users to easily record real-time processes and create automated prototypes. Together, the updates accelerate the reception of digital robots and increase the scope of intelligent workplace automation.

Powered by ML, Blue Prism decision It allows organizations to move beyond basic robotic automation (RPA) and focus on complex human-like decisions, such as refunds or receipts. One of the biggest obstacles to using ML for intelligent automation is the need for information science knowledge. With the decision of Blue Prism, business users can actively learn ML models in minutes and train with auto-ML functionality. Moreover, unlike previous ML models, the decisions of these robots can be fully explained for audit purposes.

Because business developers have no software development experience, they need a blueprint and a graphical approach. He wrote Bernhard Shafrick, senior analyst at Forrest¹.

While Blue Prism decision makes intelligent automation more accessible, Blue prism recording Accelerates automated time lines. Process developers can use the tool to easily and accurately record business processes and create automated prototypes. Then the process can be easily adjusted and it can quickly enter the process flow. This reduces errors in process recording and improves the process between process developer and analysts, speeding up to 75 percent automation time.

Blue Prism Improvement Collection Intelligent Automation Solutions — Blue Prism Decision and Blue Prism Recording – Eliminate automation routes and unite people with digital robots.

Increasingly intelligent human resources: future work

Machine learning and RPA integration typically require complex models that are difficult to train, manage, and audit for everyone except the most digital-savvy organizations. The wide range of developer resources and machine learning capabilities make it difficult to provide automated or measurable business value.

The future of the business will change how businesses operate, but to get there, companies need to accelerate the adoption of digital robots, ensure they are growing their human partners, and integrate them into a highly productive workplace.” he said Danny Major, SVP Production, Blue Prism. “Blue Prism’s intelligent automation portfolio upgrade makes it easy to design, create, deploy, and manage automated workflows throughout the organization.

The future of the business is being worked out in collaboration with human resources and digital robots. Digital robots, combined with humans, are designed to enhance and improve existing skills and decision-making: they do not replace human counterparts, they provide opportunities for employees to focus on more meaningful work. Intelligent automation combines the power of AI to manage this collaboration automatically and with minimal effort and knowledge. This enables organizations to grow business processes, create operational efficiency and deliver powerful customer experiences.

The decision of Blue Prism is generally available this month. Blue prism recording is now available.

Extract 2 Power Out Your People + Intelligent Automation
Join Forrest Bernhard Shafrik with Blue Prism to witness his work vision for the future. Audiences at Webinar will learn how AI can automate more complex business decisions, integrate manpower, create clouds with AWS, and accelerate time to automated business pricing.

¹ “Accelerate process automation by building capacity for RPA democratization“, Forster, August 2, 2021 * Report available for Forrest subscribers or purchases.

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