Talahase, Fla. – The highly acclaimed feature film “The Bowden Dynasty has been on digital HD since November 9th.Th. Virgil announced that it had acquired distribution rights in October and will be offering the film in various packages such as iTunes (in 52 countries), Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and many other platforms.

The film tells the story of FSU head coach Bobby Bowden and Seminoles’ stunning 14-year running four-season series featuring legends Bart Star, Dion Sanders, Charlie Ward, Kenny Chesney, Burt Reynolds, and Lu Hotz. , Jimmy Johnson, Jim Kelly and Nick Saban. The film is deeper than football, exploring the themes of faith, stewardship, humility, and redemption.

A 105-minute documentary will be released on November 10 for free for FSU students on campus.Th With veteran film producer John Corey, with a Q&A panel after the film.

Half of the proceeds from the film’s digital release are being distributed to FSU between the Seminole Enrichment and the FSU Creative LIFT Recovery Program, with Coach Bowden fulfilling the promise made at the 2017 Star-Spangled Film Premier in Tampa, FL. .

The Bowden dynasty came in the early 1980’s, and four of their FSU-educated friends came together to tell the story of a man of great significance to them and to make a film. Lead sponsor Rick Browner, Scott Davis, Mike Ortol and John Corey watched the school football program closely. Corey first moved the film idea to Bowden and then to his three brothers in 2016, and they agreed to fund the project free of any network impact.

The donation to Seminole Incentives is a clear link and one Bowden insists that FSU LIFT recovery program’s chosen role in supporting FSU’s Mike Orthol FSU was based on the deadly substance of his daughter Christine Ortol, who was overdosed last year. Ortol uses this film and future films to fund the development of the LIFT recovery program and to create a national awareness of addiction through his charity Christine Ortol Rehabilitation.

Links to the film on digital HD platforms as well as information about the FSU LIFT program and Seminole Boosters can be found at https://bowdendynasty.fsu.edu/.

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