Abby will lead the overall digital and product marketing to promote the next level of development.

Bolo LIVE, India’s first home-grown and fast-growing social media platform, announced today that Abay Singh Kumpawat has been appointed as its Vice President.

IIT Roorkee Alumnus, Abiy has been a growth specialist for over 7 years and has played a key role in driving growth and scale for start-up brands such as Mitron TV and Yurkit. While the specialization includes product marketing, brand building, and development strategies for startup brands, Aby has established an interest-based innovation platform that seeks to connect like-minded people through activities based on common interests. And e-Vog, a lifestyle e-commerce trademark.

In his new role, Abiy will lead overall digital, product and brand marketing initiatives for Bolo Live and will play a key role in expanding the company’s growth into new and existing markets as well as expanding its global reach.

Commenting on the new role, Abiy Singh Kumpawat, vice president of marketing, said: “Real-time marketing has never been more challenging in terms of the complexity and quantity of related conversations between content creators and their fans. Marketing channels today.

An exciting market opportunity for the integration of live streaming, micro-marketing and gaming is a great combination of address marketing, profitable business model, founders’ vision and the quality of young talent in the team at Bolo LIVE. I look forward to seizing this opportunity and making great strides on Bolo LIVE as we build a larger, more democratic platform for content creators.

Commenting on the appointment, Varun Saxena – founder and CEO of Bolo LIVE, said: When it comes to astrology in the field of development and marketing, it is exciting to ride. It has a clear vision for future marketing and innovation and can build a strategic team to deliver a vision on Bolo LIVE. Abhay is all-encompassing and creative and we anticipate that the team and its brand will prosper under his leadership.

He added: “We are currently developing the team significantly and in the next few weeks we will see prominent recruitment positions in technology, production and marketing roles.”

Commenting on the appointment, Tanmai Paul-Founder and CPO Bolo LIVE said, “Abhay’s appointment is another testament to our commitment and leadership in the industry. As we continue our journey of change, we are ready for unparalleled growth and innovation. We are confident that Abhay’s vision and in-depth understanding of consumer Internet marketing will increase the percentage of users on the platform.

Abiy holds a bachelor’s degree in technology from IT and is interested in the arts and culture, civil rights and social work and the environment. Abhay is a LIMCA World Record holder, an International Child Effort Fund Scholar, and an MMFF Scholar, and has won the Republican Day Award for Academic Excellence.