Bolo LIVE, a home-grown social live streaming platform, today announced the appointment of Abhay Singh Kumpawat as its Vice President, to promote the next stage of marketing for Bolo Live.

IIT Roorkee Alumnus, Kumpawat has been a growth specialist for over 7 years and has been instrumental in the development and scale of start-up brands such as Mitron TV and YourQuote. While the specialization includes product marketing, brand building and development strategies for startup brands, Kumpawat co-founded the on-demand discovery platform IndiaMeets and e-Vog, a lifestyle e-commerce brand.

In his new role, Kumpawat will lead overall digital, product and brand marketing initiatives for Bolo Live and will play a key role in expanding the company’s growth in new and existing markets as well as expanding its global reach.

“I look forward to seizing this opportunity and making great strides on Bolo LIVE,” said Kumpawat, vice president of marketing, Bolo LIVE.

“The key to ensuring that the company’s growth and marketing strategies keep pace with the evolving business as we pursue big ambitions,” said Varun Saxena, co-founder and CEO of Bolo LIVE. When it comes to astrology in the field of development and marketing, it is exciting to ride. “We are currently growing the team significantly and in the next few weeks we will see prominent job advertisements in technology, production and marketing roles,” he said.

“We are confident that the Abay Vision and its in-depth understanding of consumer Internet marketing will drive a significant percentage of energy users on the platform,” said Tanmai Paul-founder and CPO Bolo LIVE.

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Published Monday, November 08, 2021, 12:46 PM IST