Mumbai – The home-grown social media platform Bolo Live has brought Abi Singh Kumpawat as vice president of marketing to promote the company’s next level of development.

In this new role, Singh will lead the overall digital, product and brand marketing initiatives for Bolo Live and will play a key role in expanding the company’s new and existing markets and expanding its global reach. Statement on Monday.

IIT Roorkee Alumnus, Singh has been a growth specialist for over seven years and has played a key role in the development and scale of start-up brands such as Mitron TV and YourQuote. Although specialized in product marketing, brand building, and developing change strategies for beginner brands, Sing India has co-founded Mits and e-Vogue.

“Reversing business value in real time has never been more challenging in terms of the complexity and size of today’s marketing channels,” he said. “Exciting Market Opportunities Live streaming, micro-marketing and gaming integration is a great combination of address market size, profitable business model, founders’ vision and the quality of young talent in the team at Bolo Live.

Bolo Live has about 120 minutes of daily live streaming on the platform, with 18 live streams already earning more than one million rupees per month. According to the company, not all of them are fixed payments from the platform and are not fixed fees from the platform.

“As we pursue big ambitions, it is key to ensure that the company’s growth and marketing strategies keep pace with the improving business.” Team: Abhay is all-encompassing and creative and we anticipate that the team and its brand will prosper under his leadership.

He added: “We are currently developing the team significantly and in the next few weeks we will see prominent recruitment positions in technology, production and marketing roles.”

Singh also won the Limka World Record, an International Child Efficiency Fund Scholar, an MMFF Scholar and an Academy Award for Outstanding Republican Day.

“Abby’s appointment is another testament to our commitment and leadership in the industry. “As we continue our transformation journey, we are ready for unprecedented growth and innovation,” said Bolo Live founder and CPO Tanmai Paul.