London – Burberry He wants to lead the way in digital ownership and gaming.

After experimenting with its own games, the British label is now releasing its first NFT vinyl doll and digital clothing at Blanko’s Block Party, an open-world, multiplayer game where players can collect, upgrade and sell digital dolls. .

It is part of the launcher. Linking to legendary games, The company behind Blanko’s Block Party, announced last June at an Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

BurberryBlanco or digital toy version inspired by the brand Animal Kingdom House Code – translated from deer prints to everything Bella Hadid is looking like a pander., in the past. The tag team then went to Shark, where he created a digital vinyl doll called Shark B, which he wore from head to toe and a Burberry Berry ‘TB’ monogram.

For the first time, Burberry has released digital-only products, including shark B clothing, jet packs, TB sleeves and pool slides. Players can buy them and use them to make their own virtual dolls.

“This seems to be very community-driven, the forum is home to a lot of artists and other innovations, so it looks at everything we enjoy in the game,” said Rachel Waller, vice president of channel creation, in an interview.

“The project is an opportunity for groups within the company, including members of the core design team, to come together,” she said. “The opportunity for digital production is exciting, and as our physical and digital identity fades, the pace of the conversation increases. We’ve seen it in games like Drest.”

The brand is experimenting with online games from China to Asia, England, the United States and Canada, with its own game-controlled Bounce. Burberry– Win packed cartoon character and custom GIF and virtual burberry puppies.

Last summer, opened a Social Market Store In Shenzhen with Tensent. Consumers are asked to prepare their own. WeChat Tag as you play around the store, making imaginary – and real-life discoveries.

According to Waller, those early attempts gave the team more confidence to be more creative, as feedback proved that the game was a strong focus among the main user of the signal. Lots of creative marketing in our physical retail, hot air balloons or brand descriptions – but digital allows us to go further. The lesson is that this is a place where we can truly experiment and build freedom. Provides trust and consent to the groups.

The focus is now on understanding how products are interpreted differently in the physical world and in digital meta-quotes and ensuring that the beauty and values ​​of Burberry remain intact in this new virtual realm.

“Last year, two years ago, we saw people engaging in digital products in unexpected places and scales, that NFTs, or digital art. Momentum is perfect and now there is a great opportunity around how to express yourself with brands and share values. Even if we express and come to life in these gaps, it is only a matter of making sure we do what we do for our brand and our customers, ”Waller added.