Manchester, England – (News File Corporation – October 30, 2021) – Cadalabs is proud to announce the Cadallab NFT and Crypto Collection Market. The NFT and Digital Collectors DeFi platform on the Cardano Blockchain. DeFi is the first platform to accept native tokens that allow users to name their works from mint and digital art.

Cadillabs die the first decentralized NFT marketplace on the Cardano eco system

The CadaLabs development team has achieved another success by building a successful Cadillabs NFT and Crypto collection market. Recently, the mall will have a large number of art, digital products and services in the Cadillabs community with the aim of creating a reputable financial system on the platform.

Visible increase

The growth of the community has been remarkable and has exceeded expectations. The Cadalabs project was recently integrated into the Cardano blockchain and started its vision mission with 200+ members in the community and now has more than 20,000 members on the social network. However, it is still considered a “radar” project.

The Cadalabs project is currently growing faster than expected, and is on the verge of overcrowding.

Adalabs Token (CALA) Utility

* Tokens live in covered and unobstructed shapes. Locked tokens give users platform functionality.

* Empower Democrats Automated Platform (DAP) to enable users to participate in organizational decisions and design a product roadmap.

* Allow holders to purchase physical and virtual goods, content and services in a decentralized marketplace.

* Reward digital content creators based on community consensus, measurable value.

* Share advertising revenue with users who have chosen to view ads. By ordering multiple tokens, users can earn a large portion of their revenue.

Successful private sales of CALA tokens

Cadlabs had a remarkable success during its private sales, raising a total of about $ 1,000,000 before pre-sale.

Currently, interested investors have the opportunity, and are free to purchase CALA Tokens on the pre-sale page of the projects.

Benefits Cadalabs has pre-sale guardians;

1. Cadalabs Prepaid Adapters are entitled to a 20% bonus on pre-sale tokens.

2. Cadalabs Pre-Sales Contributors will receive a special badge associated with their username on the Cadalabs Platform.

Plans have been made for the first operators, and this advantage is very important on social networks, and the project team is working diligently to make pre-sale investors stand out as early supporters.

The badges mentioned earlier serve as a confirmation badge, which makes it easier to identify the first investors, and as a result, a better reputation can be built on the Cadalabs platform.

3. Participants in the pre-sale are Cadlabs marketers and liquid suppliers and have the right to receive liquid incentives for all transactions on the Cadalabs platform.

4. Cadalabs pre-sale investors will have the right to be the first group of users to experience the amazing beta platform that is nearing completion.

About Cadalabs

When the Adalabs NFT Market and Social Platforms were fully established, they became known as the global community marketplace for NFTs, Digital Contents, Goods and Services with a CALA Token.

The project team has developed a surprisingly original Value Verification Protocol, hoping to be the first platform to decentralize spam without the need for any central moderators.

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