Non-funcible tokens can be donated to your next blockbuster digital product.

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Untouchable tokens have been As late as in the pressIt seems like a new technology has jumped from driving to application Seven-digit daily trading volume in the NBA Top Shot, And whether or not technology leaders look at NFTs and your organization may be asked for more details.

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NFTs have become easier

It is easy to catch in a relationship with blockchain, Cryptop And host of complex technologies, but a simple explanation of NFT technology allows the creation of a unique version of the digital asset, which can then be sold or transferred. Just as a photograph of a famous athlete is more valuable to collectors than a standard photo because of its unique nature, digital assets can be “signed” using NFTs.

This creates an attractive business model that combines the power of digital products. Collective value.

NFTs in practice

Listening to the latest popular song on Spotify or releasing a movie on Netflix has become a second nature for users, as long as most of us forget more about the special edition movie releases, quotes or alternatives to the movie. Absolutely different end. These special releases are usually made with limited runs, and in some cases only one copy is made. A good example of this is the Wu-Tang Clan, once in Shaolin, which in 2015 was auctioned off for $ 2 million, and finally became a reality. Another conspiracy in the legal saga of Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Schrell.

The NFT eliminates the need for one-on-one or limited asset management and has seen early success in creating “collectible” digital art and even videos highlighting limited sports.

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Recently, for example, the partnership between CurrencyWorks and Enderby Entertainment, a blockchain technology platform, hopes to work for the film industry by providing pre-release, pre-release and special editions for sports. Of the company The first film is “Zero Contact” starring Anthony Hopkins.. Movie lovers can purchase special digital items for each single edition of the film, with additional content for that single digital version of the film, starting from the movie trailer, before movie critics get their copies.

Like other digital assets, each can be sold for auction or auction, and the price points range from around $ 20 to target a large filmmaker community. I was able to talk to Cameron Chell, a long-time Vuele general manager in the field of technology, with Great Plains, a software accounting firm in cloud computing, before the word entered the daily dictionary.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Vuele is that it targets more consumers than crypto fans or technologists. “From the end user experience, it works just like Netflix, but under the interface is the core crypto wallet,” Chel said. ይጠቀማል Yale uses CurrencyWorks, a Fintech startup that serves as the foundation for many companies’ blockchain, and is collaborating with existing Hollywood ecosystem to integrate ቩ ele’s time-to-market market with existing content. Technology Forum.

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Asked what he should consider when considering whether NFT is related to their organizations and products in addition to looking for these immediate needs, Chel leaders said, “Think NFT as an assistant to your existing product portfolio and real disruption. “On Vuele, this means a huge increase in fan studios revenue growth, engagement and even market attraction for the movie-going segment.” Part of the traditional film production process can be transformed into a unique digital asset, with deep fan engagement and extra revenue from traditional film distribution channels.

It’s amazing to see something that has been with us for a century come out in full circle. If your company creates, distributes or manages digital or physical content, just exploring the possibility of NFT connecting the two worlds could increase the additional revenue stream that Cheel hopes to capture in the Vuele film world.

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