Acquisition recognizes new dimensions and scope of capitalization across Australia and New Zealand

Capigemini Empire Limited has announced the completion of its purchase, first announced on July 19, 2021. Combined Scale and Extensive Services The portfolio Capgemini sets the region as the leader in digital, data and cloud marketing, with extensive capabilities across Microsoft technology. Product Collection. The plan was approved by a majority of Empire shareholders and the Australian Federal Court.

Empire brings to the organization an additional 1,100 consultants in Australia and New Zealand. For customers who want to drive modern workplace change with Microsoft suite of tools, Empire is particularly effective in this area. By consolidating Capgemini’s global partnership with Microsoft, this expanded capability will enable Capgemini to provide local customers with a new level of expertise at Microsoft.

In addition, acquiring Empire strengthens its ability to provide end-to-end services to customers in Western Australia and New Zealand, where the company has a significant presence and a record of envy.

“Capuchimini’s extensive knowledge of change, along with the strengths of the empire, led by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365, will enable our customers to fully realize digital transformation in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to welcoming you to the Capitolini of the Empire.

For Empire, this acquisition provides its customers with superior service portfolio and international industry knowledge due to Capgemini’s extensive experience and scale.

Russell Baskerville, Managing Director of Empire, said: That is why our contact with Capigmini ensures that we are at that level, benefiting from Capgemini’s resources and global capabilities. It also opens the door to opportunity for the Empire team.

The acquisition is the fourth in the region in Capitemini in the last 18 months and supports Australia’s vision for a leader in digital, data and cloud computing – with unique customer and innovative solutions.