Kansas City, Mo., October 12, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Caravan HealthThe responsible leader of the country announced today Tom Hawks It will fill the role of the company’s newly created Chief Information and Digital Product Officer. A.D.

As Caravan Health continues to improve health care through value-based care models and public health systems, the organization has developed technology to improve patient outcomes. Hawks played a key role in the successful launch and implementation. Winner Caravan Coach, launched earlier this year, is a comprehensive platform with the tools, information and processes needed to run a successful ACO.

“I am honored to have Caravan Health as an opportunity to advance more effective and efficient technologies. I believe value-added care will continue to be an important tool for future healthcare and digital healthcare providers and healthcare professionals. Hawks commented.

Caravan Health Clients has partnered with hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers to work with ACOs to improve patient outcomes by reducing overall medical costs. For four consecutive years, Caravan Health ACOs have saved Medicare and led the country through Medicare’s shared savings program. $ 160 million And delivery $ 68 million Collective savings for suppliers only for 2020 performance.

“Caravan Health is committed to improving patient and provider outcomes. Over time, it provides information and easier access to patient information. Tom’s experience in developing a value-added care infrastructure and implementing new technologies. On behalf of our organization, we are pleased with Tom’s contribution and look forward to continued success. Tim Gronniger, President and CEO, Caravan Health.

As Caravan Health enters the next stage of development, the organization recognizes the need for talented leaders to ensure that the country leads to better health care at a lower cost.

About Caravan Health Closing: Caravan Health is a privately held company dedicated to creating sustainable ways to excel in value-added payment models based on health systems. Today, the Caravan Health Team, with more than 150 professionals, supports more than 300 health systems through training, data, analysis, patient satisfaction surveys and evidence-based drug programs. Through the Transparency and Accountability Program, Caravan Health has spent more than the national average on real savings since 2015. In 2019 and 2020, they found Caravan Health Partners. $ 300 million With Medicare savings, it’s over $ 120 million With common savings and more than 97% quality results. With Caravan Health, numbers now work.

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