introduces real-time digital sales product for airlines

A.D. November 8, 2021 ፡ clear Today cargo.one360 offers special insights to increase real-time information and analysis by airlines to increase their sales performance on digital channels.

cargo.one360 will help airlines accelerate the acquisition of the best experience in digital sales by streamlining customer awareness and market trends and trends to facilitate better strategic and strategic business decision-making.

While the transition to digital sales preceded the epidemic, Covid-19 boosted this trend. To understand the dynamics of digital sales, airlines need to adapt and develop traditional sales and revenue management processes with the help of new information sources and tools, including new performance metrics, metrics and customer behavior. According to the Boston Advisory Group, data-based leadership can increase net profit by up to 12 percent in the first year..

Cargo.one360’s easy-to-use analytics dashboards provide clarity on key digital sales metrics from day one. Provide context for improving market insights, supply design and conversion rates, ”the release reads.

Toshiya Tamada, EVP Global Marketing and Sales at ANA Cargo, Cargo. At cargo.one360 our teams can find real-time information to find real-time sites where they can invest time and resources to provide high quality service to our customers and improve our overall performance.

Issues of speed and quality in air freight. But what really motivates success is the constant closing of the feedback loop to see that the action has achieved the desired result and to respond quickly to the lessons. Getting the best information allows this, and deploying accurate digital sales metrics will produce amazing results to increase existing business frameworks. With our partner airlines, we have successfully developed cargo.one360 to implement these new metrics and create greater channel transparency. “We are proud to launch it today,” said Simson Demer, executive director of

Moritz Claussen, co-founder and managing director of, added: “Through cargo.one360 we are helping our partners open up opportunities for digital sales channels. We are thrilled to have played a central role in the success and growth of our partners.

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