Make 25 medal shows for Canada at the Tokyo Olympics last summer – 24 by athletes and another from the National Public Broadcast.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday announced the Bronze Winner of the Olympic Gold Ring Award for Best Olympic Digital Service by CBC / Radio-Canada. NBC Universal (NBC Sports) and Brazil TV Globo won gold and silver.

Chris Wilson, who oversaw the first Olympics as the network’s director general, said the Tokyo Olympics were a success for CBC / Radio-Canada in all its stages. Our entire team worked hard to provide a comprehensive digital experience that Canadians ate with record numbers.

“Recognition of some of the best media companies in the world is thanks to our production and content teams.”

CBC Record: It had a large digital audience and was the most watched TV network at the Tokyo Olympics in Canada.

Canadians have released over 37 million video views on, CBC Gem and the CBC Olympics app. Those platforms increased by 62 percent compared to Pyongyang 2018. Live views accounted for 61 percent of all video views, and Canadians took nearly 17 million hours of digital Olympic content on CBC digital platforms.

‘Spectators always feel connected to the games’

On television, 28 million viewers – three out of four Canadians – were tuned to CBC / Radio-Canada for Tokyo 2020 coverage, and CBC remained the most watched network in Canada for 17 consecutive days.

Steve Macht, senior manager at CBC Sports, confirms on CBC and Radio Canada that our audience feels “how and when they want the content they want and that they are always more connected to it.”

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IOC President Thomas Bach said this year’s Olympic gold rings were awarded in 12 categories.

He added: “Our close partnership with our broadcasters is a great reflection of the fact that we can move faster, we can grow, we can become stronger – if we work together.”

The awards ceremony was held at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the organization is hosting a series of commissions.

“We look forward to inviting Canadians to enjoy the Winter Olympics. [in February] Through our digital platforms, there is “Mach.

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