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Effective November 1 Navid Anwar In an email to PYMNTS on Monday (October 18th), CT will join CT as head of Digital for Treasury and Business Solutions (TTS), part of the ICG Group of Institutional Customers.

Anwar came to City from Capital One, where he has been working since 2015. Most recently, he has served as Vice President of Capital One API, File and Data Platforms, Strategic Partnerships and Integration. He has previously led technology platforms and others through PayPal, eBay, AOL and Netscape.

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In Citi, Anwar said it will be responsible for creating and implementing a global digital strategy for TTS, as well as enhancing the customer experience and engagement. He will develop a network and distribution plan to integrate all the digital products offered by TTS into the central ICG access point. He will be based in San Jose, California.

According to the announcement, Anwar will control the digital channels, which will be run by Myank Mishra. Digital onboarding team led by Ram Jupudi; And the Digital Security and COO team, led by Rajesh Shenoy. He also supervises regional production executives, including Dris Temsamani, Arun Sinha, Magdalena Mielcarz and Sanjev Jane.

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Citi ICG Division operates in 96 markets around the world and provides a full range of products to international corporations, public sector entities and high-value families. website. City’s financial infrastructure includes trading floors in 80 markets, cleaning and maintenance networks in 63 markets and connections to 400 cleaning systems.

Citigroup, the country’s fourth-largest bank, said earlier this month that the number of digital and mobile customers worldwide had increased from pre-epidemic levels to 14% for digital customers and 24% for mobile users.

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