Three Cobalt Digital Products 2021 NAB Show Receive Product of the Year Awards. Cobalt took two places in the hardware infrastructure category for the 19905-amp audio / video processor, and the new INDIGO ST 2110 openGear. The company’s RIST (Reliable Internet Streaming Transport) was the winner of IT Network / Infrastructure and Security Technology, the main profile security option compression line.

This official awards program recognizes the most important and promising new products and technologies at NAB Show for corporate partners. The winners were selected by a team of industry experts in 16 categories and were announced at the NAB Amplify live award ceremony on November 3.

9905-Amps – Winning hardware hardware infrastructure

The Cobalt 9905-MPx 3G / HD / SD four-way up / down / cross converter / frame sync / embedded D-Ebd audio processor for audio / video processor for up to 3G baseband digital signals and provides four independent signal paths. The fully customizable multi-function card includes independent up-and-down switching scales, especially designed for streaming video formats, ideal for converting full ARC control to 4: 3 and 16: 9 aspect ratio. Separate AES and MADI audio mixing / D / mixingIncorporated with the four processing modes is supported. Standard 3D LUT feature and available color correction provide channel HDR and HDR process for lower HDR systems. This product is available as an OpenGear card, which allows it to integrate with existing broadcast frames. Up to 24 channels (6 cards) can be processed in one cobalt HPF-9000 frame if high signal density is required. The card supports channel logging and troubleshooting, clean and secure switching, and auxiliary data input.

INDIGO ST 2110 – Winner: Hardware Infrastructure

The INDIGO 2110-DC-01 is a factory option for the Cobalt 9904-UDX-4K and 9905-MPx cards. These cards include advanced audio / video processing engine, up / down, audio line, color correction, 3D-LUT processor and SL-HDR encoding and decoding. This option includes native SMPTE ST-2110 support with multiple 25G Ethernet interfaces. With this option, all the advanced processors in these cards are now available without IP input and output, without the need for an external gateway. The INDIGO ST 2110 product includes flawless frequency converter support for the ST-2022-6 and IS-04 / IS-05 NMOS for automatic detection and configuration.

RIST Premium Profile Security Option – Winning Tri IT Network / Infrastructure and Security Technology

Built-in RIST core profile security option (Product Code + RIST / ENCRP)Encrypting and verifying cobalt compression line, which includes both encoders and decoders. This allows broadcasters to protect their content without the need for special security tools, because it is built-in for the decoders.

“Candidates like Cobalt Digital are revolutionizing the way people access media and entertainment,” he said. Chris Brown, Vice President of NAB Convention and Business Services. “The 2021 NAB Show of the Year Awards highlight highlights something new and celebrates the achievements and developments in the content industry.”

“We are delighted to be recognized by these three prestigious awards at NAB,” he added. Susanna Brady, Global Sales & Marketing SVP, Cobalt Digital. “These products are part of a constantly evolving portfolio and are designed to withstand any challenge in the world of multi-screen multi-format today.”