Innovative Italian brand, in partnership with blockchain-based platform MyLime, will be the first bike manufacturer to adopt blockchain technology and guarantee customers’ authenticity and ownership. Fighting theft and lying.

Tadej Pogačar offers its own design on a custom bike.

Cambodia, Italy, September 23, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Starting the cycling tour of 2020 and 2021 Tour de France Champion Tadej Pugachar will be the next 2021 UCI Road Racing World Champion this Sunday. Belgium, Colnago combines blockchain technology with the new bikes. As the first manufacturer to connect its physical products to a virtual, distributed notebook, Colnago is leading the way in verifying the authenticity and ownership of the new Colorado frames. Colnago will begin using blockchain technology on its frames from 2022.

Colnago became the first bicycle manufacturer to receive a Blockchain digital product passport.

“Disc Brakes, Carbon Fiber Usage or Aeronautics Designs Colnago is a company that always markets innovations ahead of other bike brands,” he said. Nicolas Rosin, Colnago CEO.

Manolo Bertochi, Colnago Marketing Director, added: “We are looking at the security of blockchain technology so that our customers know the framework they are buying is right and we can show the chain of ownership forever. We will also inform others.

Colonago Partner is an Italian technology company that has developed a strong partner base in the luxury market. MyLime connects Colnago frames to Automotive Blockchain® where frame production, transportation and sales records are recorded. Because the information stored on the blockchain is distributed, it cannot be cheated or modified once it is registered, which provides final proof of ownership.

Colnago V3Rs competing in Pogačar at the UCI Road World Championships September 26 The 23-year-old Slovenia will be showcasing its unique ‘Ice & Fire’ livery, which will go on sale in 2022 as soon as the new Cologne website and app launches.

“It was my first time cycling and it was a lot of fun to work with Colnago engineers and designers. The idea is that my head is as cold as ice in a race, but my legs are always on fire and presented by Colorado. The cool colors represent this dicotomy.”

Colnago will move to add blockchain transactions to group and brand bikes by 2022, and information on manufacturer, sales and ownership will be stored on MyLime’s blockchain-based platform for anyone to access. In addition, Colnago makes every bicycle token available to the owner.

Kolnago Technical Partner Mileme has developed an RFID tag that is seamlessly connected to the bike frame and can access the information in the bike’s digital passport via the Blockchain smartphone app. When the frame is sold to a new owner, the transfer can be managed through MyLime-certified process. The transparency provided by MyLime’s blockchain solution provides a perfect tracking system and verifies the price of the bike over time. Colnago and Miley also reviewed and selected a variety of blockchain technologies that adhere to sustainability examples, which severely limit the use of consolidated computer resources for block verification.

About Colnago
Colnago Ernesto & CSrl, also known as. Colorado, Is a manufacturer of high-end racing bikes based in Ernesto Colorado, Cambodia, Milan. ItalyA.D. In 1954, the company became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality stainless steel bicycles, and later became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and innovative materials, including carbon fiber. It is now an integral part of modern bicycle construction. Among Colorado’s many victories – 18 Olympic gold medals, 63 world championships, 23 grand tours, 39 classic statues – Tadej Pokakar has won the 2020 and 2021 Tour de. France Colnago riding bikes.



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